Alex Trebek Says He Plans to 'Drink' and 'Work Around the House' After Retirement

Those plans, however, will remain on the back burner for some time as the Jeopardy! host isn't exactly in a rush to say goodbye to the beloved game show

Alex Trebek is looking forward to living a much simpler life after retiring from Jeopardy!

When asked what he plans to do after saying goodbye to the beloved game show, Trebek, 79, simply told reporters at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Wednesday, “Drink.”

He also shared he will “work around the house.”

However, those plans will remain on the back burner for some time as Trebek isn’t exactly in a rush to sign off, despite still working to beat pancreatic cancer.

“Keep in mind I’m 79,” Trebek said. “I don’t foresee that 30-second moment coming up in the near future,” Trebek said, referring to a previous comment in which he explained that he plans to ask directors to give him 30 seconds at the end of his final broadcast to say goodbye — and that’s the same allotted time contestants have on the show.

“When you’ve been hosting, there are some of you who have been doing your jobs for many years. Some of you two or three decades. When you’ve been in the same job for that long period of time, it moves you to think at some point about retiring. Thinking about retiring and retiring are two different things,” Trebek shared.

Alex Trebek
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Trebek went on to explain that “as long as I feel my skills haven’t diminished too much and as long as I’m enjoying spending time with bright people and working with people like Harry [Friedman] and our creative writing team, then I’m going to do it.”

A colleague of Trebek echoed similar sentiments last month telling PEOPLE, “He has no plans to quit, and is absolutely not announcing his retirement [anytime soon].”

Trebek’s coworker also shared in a CTV News interview in October that he wasn’t sure exactly how much longer he could continue hosting the show, owing to the side effects from chemotherapy.

“We’ll play it by ear and keep chugging along until we either win or lose,” Trebek said at the time.

Trebek also gave reporters an update on his health at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, explaining, “Some days are better than others… they’ve got me off one of my chemo drugs, which was killing me. I’ll go for a checkup in a week to see where things stand.”

Alex Trebek
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“I mentioned this to my wife and I said did you notice anything about I handled the shows and she said no,” he added. “I noticed I seemed a little slower. I feel like I was having not one of my best weeks. But I have good weeks and bad. It comes with the territory.”

Trebek, who received the diagnosis last March, announced in September that he’d have to undergo a second round of chemotherapy after facing a setback during his treatment.

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Still, he’s remained in positive spirits and was recently spotted around Los Angeles enjoying the holiday break and looking as fit as ever.

On Dec. 20, he hosted his annual holiday party for his staffers at Feinstein’s at Vitellos in L.A., where he’d secretly enlisted “American Pie” singer Don McLean, 74, to perform several songs.

“I can officially take this off of my bucket list,” Trebek told the crowd at the event. “This was a real treat for me.”

Jeopardy!: The Greatest of All Time continues Jan. 8 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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