Alex McCord's Blog: Michaele Makes 'Stupid, Insipid' Comments on 'D.C.' Reunion

The Real Housewives of D.C. sit down for the first part of their reunion – and drama follows

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Was anyone else surprised to hear the political affiliations of the Housewives? I wondered how Andy would break up the seating chart, but it seems he did it by political party.

If anyone – anywhere – in any universe thought that Michaele was a suffering wife under the spell of her husband, those thoughts should be laid to rest now. Wow.

My jaw was on the floor over Michaele’s solemn pronouncement that Cat should have love in her heart and then perhaps her husband would come back. What a stupid, insipid, completely ridiculous thing to say to a person! It’s incredibly presumptive to assume, firstly, that Cat would want Charles back and, secondly, that Cat’s lack of love in her heart somehow drove her husband away.

Michaele revealed herself to be pretty misogynistic there, in my opinion. Or perhaps just incredibly anti-Cat.

On one hand, it’s amazing that women can be driven to the point of suspecting that a person would invent a diagnosis of MS in order to get attention. In a normal world, announcing one’s battle with a chronic disease is met with sympathy. However, when someone has a reputation for lying, crashing parties, inventing a fantasy world and passing it off as reality, I can understand why Andy and the gang wanted to see a doctor’s note.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if next week Michaele announces that she’s discovered that she was Marie Antoinette in a past life and therefore entitled to live at Versailles. When they remind her of the French Revolution and tell her ‘no,’ she can announce that she’s joining a convent. Preferably cloistered.

Enough of the Salahis. What else happened in hour one of the reunion?

Mary has much darker hair and I’m not sure I like it – really loved her as a caramel blonde. I felt for her that some of the events most important to her didn’t make it to air; that’s what happens when a season is hijacked by craven attention-seekers. I do wonder how long the dog will last in the house, though.

Stacie’s excitement at the soon-to-be meeting with her biological father was palpable. Here’s hoping it goes well, and may I suggest that if the D.C. series is renewed, that Jason and Stacie’s Nigerian re-wedding be a storyline (with payment of dowry, of course.) It was both refreshing and realistic to see race issues come up, be confronted, dealt with and set aside.

Cat seemed very open and frank about the end of her relationship, and that’s as good a place as any from which to start the next chapter of her life. It makes my heart ache to see a marriage go sour and end, but from the little we’ve seen it didn’t appear to be caused by a lack of love. Unrealistic expectations, perhaps, but haven’t we all had those once or twice? Reboot, reset, start over.

I appreciated Lynda’s frank, no-nonsense attitude and her ability to speak her mind while remaining on the couch. I really appreciated her insistence that all the men join the women at the same time, and I hope she got her wish. We’ll have to wait until next week to see.

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