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Isn’t it funny – this week two Housewives broke down and cried, and sparked two completely different reactions in my house.

My first thought was that a human with feelings ought to be touched when Michaele cried about Tareq and his family. But I wasn’t. Why? It’s the build-up of the seemingly self-inflicted strikes against them in the media. The Congressional Black Caucus, the White House, the Redskins, that Whoopi beat her up, that they want to fund an $8 million house through their business, which doesn’t appear to be doing well given the defunct winery and the lawsuits. It makes me – and everyone else I talk to – unsympathetic, to the point that when we heard sirens at the winery I just wondered whether Tareq and Michaele didn’t have permission to film there and that’s why the sheriff showed up. Haven’t the police arrived each time they’ve been to the winery?

By contrast, I nearly cried along with Cat when she broke down over the news that her friend had committed suicide. Maybe it’s because most of us have been there, have gotten absolutely god-awful news at a time when it wasn’t safe to let go, and completely go to pieces because someone had to watch the kids or go to work or get things done. We saw Cat mostly hold it in until she saw her friend’s doppelganger at the cancer benefit, then the supremely awkward moment when she grabbed a stranger who dressed like him and practically petted his head. I found myself being glad that the guy in question was someone connected to Lynda, whom we’ve seen has a spiritual side to her, and seemed to get it.

Going backward in this episode, I couldn’t quite relate to the closet drama between Mary and her daughter . . . until I remembered my favorite sweater that our first au pair borrowed and put in the washing machine. Note to self: SO glad we have two boys! My closet is safe unless either of them turn out to be drag queens.

Stacie ran the gamut of emotions this episode, from being vulnerable over the potential Facebook search for her birth father to all-business when it came to advising the Salahis on their house search. How many realtors high-fived when Stacie gently but firmly told them they needed to provide a financial statement to prove they were qualified to buy, given all the stories in the media and the winery lawsuit. Michaele seemed to be happy to just stay at the Four Seasons forever, which would be fine as long as the bill gets paid!

The Salahis might be looking, but Lynda was buying, and brought her designer, her astrologer and a bale of sage to the new house. One thing I’ll say: No matter how much holy water you use, it will not make the concrete steps look better. You need a jackhammer for that.

Next week’s episode looks interesting – are they addressing marriage? Didn’t quite get it but stay tuned . . .

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