Alex McCord: I Still Don't Trust the Salahis

The Real Housewives of NYC star discusses the latest episode of The Real Housewives of DC

Photo: Ezequiel De La Rosa; Adam Olszweski/Bravo

Well, if you don’t want someone at your fashion show, giving photos to security is a good move. It’s an even better move if the security guards on duty actually see the photos – but either way, the Burkina Faso event went off without a hitch,

And without the Salahis.

The only thing that was a bit off to me was Cat’s incredulity at the models’ seriousness, which made me think she’d never seen a show before. No matter what city you’re in, the models always look mad – almost as mad as Erika.

Some of these ladies have to remember that when you’re being filmed watching something, try not to pull faces, as it never looks good.

How bittersweet to see the obvious cracks in Cat and Charles’ relationship when she complained that he wasn’t out and about with her. Yet it was so touching when Cat wanted to present a print of the inaugural photo of Obama that Charles had taken at the White House Christmas party. Without knowing them I’m finding myself wishing that they’d get back together, but it doesn’t sound like that’s in the cards.

I hope Stacie has found her birth father, and although I agreed wholeheartedly that the Nigerian embassy contact seemed like a long shot, in the end I tend to think that it’s her best bet.

Who knows whether the half-brother will respond on Facebook. Did anyone else wonder whether it would help to run the license plate on the car in the photo of her father? Pull the plates, find the owner and show him or her the photo. Might be random – might not!

It seems to me that Michaele has her hero-worship glasses firmly on when she looks at her husband. So far, she seems very happy with that, and every pot has its lid. Thanks goodness they have each other because I don’t think they have anyone else in our viewing audience.

The hot potato game of “who has the invitation” was funny, and I’m surprised that they broke the fourth wall and allowed a producer’s voice to be heard, though it definitely gave context. Someone had to remind Michaele that she needed to produce the invitation, and the hairdresser was probably busy with her next client.

But Michaele actually seemed more concerned about finding her bra than anything else.

As this season progressed, I recognized that I was guilty of judging the Salahis via the media and the opinions of the other Housewives. Just because a castmate calls someone a party crasher or a liar doesn’t make it true. I also know that in reality TV, sometimes events play out exactly as they happened in real life, and sometimes things get taken so far out of context that viewers get the wrong idea.

I keep waiting to see that I’m wrong about the Salahis. So far, I haven’t been.

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