Tell us whose side you're on in New York City's newest feud

Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo

There’s a new feud in town: On Thursday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Alex McCord and Sonja Morgan launched a new dispute – and it all started at a march for a good cause.

“MEN called, which is the Marriage Equality of New York, and asked me to be the grand marshal. And they said, ‘Well, we’ll have several speakers, but we want you to kick it off because you’re so light and funny,’ ” Sonja said. “You’re such a gay icon.’ ”

As the women gathered at Sonja’s townhouse to get ready for the march, trouble started to brew as Alex (member of the event’s host committee) and Sonja (grand marshal) compared their respective official duties.

“So is it Sonja’s day or is it Alex’s day?” Kelly Bensimon asked.

At one point, when Alex tried to discuss logistics, Sonja interrupted and said, “Not all that. We’re talking about me now. We’re talking about me being nervous and my girlfriends being here to support me.”

“It felt to me that she was trying to take ownership of a day that was about a cause, not about a person,” Alex said.

At the march, things went from bad to worse when Alex and her husband Simon found out that he was not allowed to speak because the grand marshal – Sonja – had arranged to be the only speaker. An argument erupted in the middle of the event and provided one of the episodes more awkward moments. (Watch a clip.)

“Why are you being so exclusionary?” Alex said.

“It was the wrong time,” Sonja said. “I wanted to have my composure. I don’t need this kind of drama.”

Another night, Sonja invited people to her home for the unveiling of her portrait. When Alex walked in, Sonja greeted her and declared that their tiff at the march was “water of a duck’s back.”

“But,” she said, “I wanted to say … I just don’t want to ever have Simon – is that your husband’s name? – Simon in my ear again like that. He’s such a big guy. He was wearing that sparkly jacket. I was freaking out because I was about to make my speech and he was in my ear. That was horrible.”

“What was horrible was you hijacking the entire event to make it about you and not Marriage Equality,” Alex said. “That’s what was horrible.”

The spat exploded into a full-on fight: Sonja accused Alex of bickering and being rude. Alex insisted on pursuing her point that Simon was supposed to speak and how Sonja’s ego prevented him from helping the cause of Marriage Equality. In the end, Sonja kicked Alex out of her house. And a new feud was born.