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September 21, 2009 01:20 PM

If Alec Baldwin had the authority of power executive Jack Donaghy, his character on 30 Rock, he’d know exactly what his first decision would be for the Emmy-winning outstanding comedy series.

“I want [Paul] McCartney to come on,” Baldwin, 51, said backstage at Los Angeles’s Nokia Theater during Sunday’s Emmy Awards. “We’re working on it.”

Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland, 14, has another idea, however: Robert Pattinson.

“Well, I’m sure that Robert Pattinson has no shortage of shows that want him to come on, like Desperate Housewives and shows like that,” said the elder Baldwin. “I’m sure those women would like to get their hands on Robert Pattinson.”

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Regardless of what big name comes on the show, Baldwin said that they all get the same treatment from the writers – except for Oprah Winfrey, of course.

“The thing about our show is our writers actually don’t write for the guest stars – they write the parts and the scripts they want to write and then they go and find people to play those parts,” he said. “There might have been one exception, which was Oprah.”

Of course, Baldwin has a vested interest in who guest-stars on the show, especially since his character is something of a ladies’ man with plenty of scenes that seem romantic on air. Shooting them is another matter.

“It s not like you’re up in Big Sur in a nice bed somewhere, with the waves pounding the shore and a crackling fire,” he said. “There’s 80 people around you, and Jennifer Aniston‘s got a plane to catch. It’s not the most romantic thing ever, but I have loved every woman I’ve worked with the on the show, and Salma [Hayek] is really a doll.”

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