August 25, 2017 09:24 AM

Alec Baldwin didn’t let Saturday Night Live’s summer hiatus stop him from breaking out his Donald Trump impression.

The actor, 59, appeared on SNL’s Weekend Update: Summer Edition Thursday night to take on the president’s recent rally in Phoenix and discuss the Charlottesville tragedy — of which he declared himself the “true victim” — Steve Bannon’s White House departure, and the possibility of a government shutdown next month.

“We all love the wall don’t we?” Baldwin’s Trump said. “If I have to shut down the government get it built, I will.”

Baldwin as Trump also boasted that he “solved Afghanistan” and won’t throw convicted Sheriff Joe Arpaio in jail for putting people behind bars just because they look Latino.

“How is that a crime I ask you?” he asked the crowd.

Kenan Thompson appeared in the cold open as the rally’s token black attendee, who was hired to be there. The “BLACKS FOR WHITES” sign he held up during the fake commander-in-chief’s speech was reminiscent of “Michael the Black Man,” a black man who attended Tuesday’s Phoenix rally holding a “BLACKS FOR TRUMP” sign and wearing a shirt that read “TRUMP & Republicans Are Not Racist.”

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SNL also announced Thursday that it’ll return for season 43 on Sept. 30, with Ryan Gosling as the host and JAY-Z as the musical guest.

Weekend Update airs Thursdays on NBC at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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