Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon are feeling the election stress too

It’s the last episode of Saturday Night Live before the election, and Alec Baldwin is tired of playing Donald Trump.

The actor and SNL cast member Kate McKinnon (who plays Hillary Clinton) broke character on Saturday’s cold open after trading insults as their respective political characters.

The jokes started off as normal, with Baldwin’s Trump suddenly realizing that his Twitter isn’t private.

“Really? And I’m still in this thing? America, you must really hate this lady,” he said.

Frustrated by the continued questions about her emails while Trump kissed a FBI agent, Vladimir Putin and a KKK member on the lips, McKinnon’s Clinton made her final impassioned plea to America.

“Has the whole world gone crazy?” she asked. “Donald Trump has singlehandedly destroyed everything we Americans hold dear. Kindness. Decency. Tic Tacs. Skittles. Taco Bowls. Father-daughter dances. Buses. Bright red hats. The word ‘great.’ The color orange. Men.”

While preparing to answer, Baldwin broke character, explaining that he couldn’t continue yelling things to McKinnon.

“I know,” McKinnon said. “This whole election has been so mean.”

“I feel so gross all the time,” Baldwin said. “Don’t you guys feel gross about all of this?”

McKinnon and Baldwin then decided to blow off some steam by running around Times Square, hugging Trump supporters and minorities and handing out red and white balloons. The whole bit ended with everyone uniting in one big circle, holding hands and cheering.

After returning to the studio, McKinnon and Baldwin urged viewers to vote, with McKinnon saying that America needs to “vote for the America they want.”

Clearly, everyone is ready for this election to be over.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays (11:30 p.m. ET) on NBC.