The actor's wife Hilaria, who is expecting the couple's fourth child, shared an update with fans on Instagram

Alec Baldwin is recovering from hip replacement surgery.

The actor’s wife Hilaria revealed on Tuesday that Alec, 59, was prepping for the procedure.

“It’s been a day…jury duty, crabby kids, vet, meetings, pancakes that went oh so wrong…but I’m ending it with an amazing experience watching Alec interview Michael Wolff for #heresthething…and now we rest because tomorrow morning we are in the hospital bright and early for his hip to be replaced,” she captioned a photo of the two. “Think good thoughts for us. We are gonna eat lightly, relax, and take deep breaths #WeGotThis2018.”

On Wednesday, she shared an update with fans, assuring everyone that the surgery went well.

“Thank you for your kind wishes. I know many of you are anxious to hear how he is doing,” she wrote. “We have been here since very early…All went well in surgery and I am with him in recovery. [Love] to all #wegotthis2018.”

And despite their challenging week, the couple has something special to look forward to: They’re currently expecting their fourth child. Their baby boy on the way will join Leonardo “Leo” Ángel Charles, 16 months, Rafael Thomas, 2½, and Carmen Gabriela, 4, plus Alec’s 22-year-old daughter Ireland.

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Last week, the 34-year-old fitness guru revealed she’s six months along, stressing the importance of “working out and eating well while pregnant” in order to have an “easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery.”

“I let myself slow down, but try to do an activity almost every day where I keep my circulation going, maintain flexibility, and tone muscles,” she explained. “I’m also completely at peace with the fact that I WILL gain weight, cellulite WILL happen, my body NEEDS fat and rest in order to grow a healthy baby.”

“Through 4 pregnancies, I have found balance and calm — embracing natural changes in my body, yet taking care of myself in a way where these changes are temporary, and once the baby is out, I will find my non pregnant self again,” she continued.