Alec Baldwin Addresses Parking Spot Fight After Taking a Plea Deal: 'No One Punched Anybody'

Alec Baldwin pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree violation of harassment last month

Three months after he was arrested and accused of punching a man over a parking spot, Alec Baldwin is speaking out about the incident.

Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, the actor began by joking that he “punched a nun.”

“No, what happened was I had this argument with this guy,” he said. “But what’s interesting is that in New York — and maybe it’s the same way here — there’s cameras everywhere. And one of the things that upset me was that somebody punched a guy in New York and killed him, about six months ago. This famous rugby player.”

“So they said I punched this guy, which was not true,” he continued. “The cameras show from every angle that no one punched anybody. But once that story is out there — you know, the D.A. never gets out there after the fact and says, ‘You know, Mr. Baldwin is just such a great guy. He would never do a thing like that.’ ”

“I mean, did I have an argument with the guy? Yeah,” he added. “I thought he was going to run my wife over with this car when he was stealing my parking spot. But now he and I are best friends. … I’m kidding!”

Baldwin, 60, was arrested on Nov. 2. and later that month charged with attempted misdemeanor assault and violation-level harassment over the incident. According to NBC News, citing a court complaint, the alleged victim told police that the actor hit him with a closed hand.

During the arraignment, Baldwin’s lawyer claimed to have “incontrovertible video evidence” that proves the actor’s innocence “beyond all doubt.”

Baldwin pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree violation of harassment on Jan. 23.

The judge ordered him to participate in an anger management program and pay $120, according to tweets from inside the courtroom by Fox News producer Tamara Gitt.

According to TMZ, Baldwin’s team and prosecutors agreed to the lesser charge in a plea deal, and he’s due in court again March 27.

Baldwin previously denied the claims in a lengthy social media post.

“Normally, I would not comment on something as egregiously misstated as today’s story. However, the assertion that I punched anyone over a parking spot is false,” he tweeted hours after his arrest. “I wanted to go on the record stating as much. I realize that it has become a sport to tag people was many negative charges and defaming allegations as possible for the purposes of clickbait entertainment. Fortunately, no matter how reverberating the echos [sic], it doesn’t make the statements true.”

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