January 04, 2017 10:25 AM


The Brown children of Alaskan Bush People have spent almost their entire lives out in the wilderness of rural Alaska.

“To us, it’s normal, but when I sit and think about it, you know, I don’t think that most kids in the lower 48 carry a 12-gauge [shotgun] to go to the bathroom,” Billy Brown, the 64-year-old patriarch of the Brown family says in an Alaskan Bush People clip exclusive to PEOPLE.

And sons Matt, 34, Bam, 32, Bear, 29, Gabe, 26, and Noah, 24, and daughters Snowbird, 22, and Rain, 14, have lived an admittedly sheltered life. They were mainly homeschooled by mom Ami, 53, and their exposure to pop culture is predominately limited to movies they watch on VHS. (DVDs are too easily rendered inoperable, so they rely on older technology.)

Jason Elias/Discovery Channel

So when recently asked by producers about pop culture figures, Snowbird and Bear predictably were at a bit of a loss.

When asked who won the World Series last year, Bird replies, “Is that football?”

To Bear, the Golden State Warriors sound like “some knight days thing where people are all dressed in gold and they fight with swords.” And when asked who Warriors star Steph Curry is, he responds,”I’m guessing it’s not a spice since you said ‘who is?’ ”

Jason Elias/Discovery Channel

Bird is really proud of knowing who Rihanna is.

“I actually only recently found out who Rihanna was, I think,” she says. “I think she’s, like, a singer? I think. I overheard one of the crew members talking about her.”

But regardless of their pop culture knowledge, Billy is proud of how he’s raised his family.

“It’s rough. It’s tough. There’s no doubt about that. Every day is a struggle for survival but every day is still based on what our great country is based on: our faith in God and our faith in our family.”

The all-new season of Alaskan Bush People returns Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

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