'Alaskan Bush People' : The Boys Describe Their Ideal Wilderness Dates – and Woman

"There are not enough pretty girls in the bush," Bear Brown tells PEOPLE

Photo: Ture Lillegraven

The five Brown boys of Alaskan Bush People may enjoy living out in the Alaskan wilderness with their parents and two sisters, but there is one thing that would be easier if they lived closer to town: dating.

“I’d like to find a lady and have a little Matt running around one day,” oldest brother Matt, 33, says in PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive issue.

But the problem is, as 28-year-old Bear puts it, “there are not enough girls in the bush.”

The boys usually have to go “to town” (the city of Hoonah is a 30-minute boat ride away and has a population of 760, according to the 2010 census) when they go out, but here they describe their ideal wilderness date – and woman:

Matt, 33

Ideal Date:

I would try to make it interesting. We might go blow something up or run through the jungle. It would be a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing. I run through life with a sword in one hand and a PB&J in the other.

Ideal Woman: I like a girl with a nice personality. But basically any girl who is interested in me.

Bam, 31

Ideal Date:

It would definitely involve having a beautiful woman walking down the beach with me for a little while and seeing what happens.

Ideal Woman: To me, it is more about the connection and who they are, not what they look like.

Bear, 28

Ideal Date: To have the beautiful princess girl, who also loves to run and climb, take a skiff with me, run across the beach. Then we’d find a good climbing tree and climb up there and enjoy the view a little bit and eat some food. Then we’d come down and start an extremely big fire and stare at the fire for a bit and have fun just talking. And at the end of the day, it would be really cool to crawl through the mud. That would be pretty awesome to me, but I’m sure she’d have some ideas, too.

Ideal Woman: Appearance doesn’t matter. What would be important is what was in her heart and that she completely loved me for me.

Gabe, 25

Ideal Date:

Bringing a girl out to the bush to date is always tricky because you never know how into the wilderness they’ll be. Everything out here is pretty rough-and-tumble, so if they could take that, we could go on a cool hike or go along the beach or shoot guns or roast marshmallows, go fishing, that kind of thing. There is a lot of stuff to do out here. Thinking about it is the hard part.

Ideal Woman: Fun, happy-go-lucky, and willing to participate.

Noah, 23

Ideal Date:

I’d plan it all around them. Maybe set up some swings because it’s always fun bringing out the nostalgia. It would make them more relaxed. Then maybe we’d go on a picnic in a meadow near a stream.

Ideal Woman: I haven’t met her yet. I’ll let you know after I do.

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Season 3 of Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Discovery Channel.

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