Bear Brown held his son, River, for the first time last week
Bear Brown and Raiven Adams
Bear Brown and Raiven Adams with son River
| Credit: Bear Brown and Raiven Adams

Alaskan Bush People's Bear Brown and his ex-fiancée Raiven Adams are giving their relationship another try.

After reuniting last week — when Brown held their 6-month-old son, River, for the first time — the couple decided to reconcile.

″Hey everybody! I have some awesome news I’d like to share with everyone! After meeting River in person and seeing Raiven again we found out that we both still have feelings for each other, so we’ve decided that instead of being co-parents we are going to be just parents!″ Brown revealed in an Instagram post on Monday.

″Raiven and I have decided to give our relationship another try! I asked Raiven if she would be my girlfriend and she said yes!″ he wrote alongside a smiling photo of himself, Adams and River.

In August 2019, the pair got engaged. But just two weeks later, they ″made the difficult decision to part ways as a couple," Brown told PEOPLE at the time.

One day after revealing that they had split following their short engagement, they announced that Adams was expecting. A little over two weeks later, they decided to give their relationship another shot.

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams
Bear Brown and Raiven Adams
| Credit: Courtesy of Bear Brown

Their rekindled romance did not appear to last long, though.

In March, Brown opened up about the birth of his son and his decision to file a petition to establish himself as the child’s father amid reports that he was trying to disestablish himself as a parent.

But in the time since, the exes have evidently made progress in mending their relationship.

On Sept. 18, Brown shared on Instagram that Adams would be ″bringing little River up for a visit″ — a milestone moment as it would ″be the first time I’ve gotten to see him in person, but we have been talking a lot over the phone.″

Last week, the special day finally arrived, when Brown was able to hold his son for the first time.

Sharing exclusive photos of himself with baby River, the proud dad told PEOPLE, ″It's an unbelievable feeling to have a son. So exciting to get to hold this little bundle of joy finally!″

While Brown had ″been video chatting with″ his child ″for a while now, thanks to Adams,″ he said ″it just wasn't possible to see him until now″ in person due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

″River is so amazing,″ he raved. ″And to put it simply, there is no feeling as awesome as getting to hold your son for the first time!″

For Adams, ″Seeing Bear hold River was very surreal″ after so long of not being able to do so, ″with COVID being the main issue,″ she said.

″It was very difficult to be so far apart for so long. But the boys have been video chatting and I've been sending tons of photos,″ she added. ″Not the same by any means, so it was very exciting for them to have that moment.″

″I can't imagine a better feeling than watching someone love our son as much as I do," she said.