Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery

The Brown family is being tested like never before.

“The pain … I just can’t take it anymore,” mom Ami Brown, 53, says in an exclusive sneak peek at the new season of Alaskan Bush People.

Ami’s eldest daughter, Bird, 22, and eldest son, Matt, 34, have questioned if their mother has cancer and are visibly shaken in the first seven minutes of the Discovery reality series’s premiere.

Alaskan Bush People
Credit: Discovery

“Good Lord will takes care of us,” husband Bill, 64, tells Ami. “He always does.”

Ami’s health crisis will take members of the Brown family to Southern California this season as she undergoes tests to determine what is causing her debilitating pain and weight loss.

“We’ve worried so much and we’ve waited so long,” son Gabe, 27, says of awaiting Ami’s test results. “I don’t really have any thoughts left.”

“Sinking boats we’ve survived — with babies. I can handle [this],” Ami says of what the show’s narrator calls an “unthinkable crisis.”

She adds, “I’m tough.”

But fans of the series will see Ami’s ongoing health issues bring the family to a previously unimaginable verdict.

“Our lives are changing. We’re closing down and moving out,” Matt says of moving away from the family’s homestead in rural Alaska.

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“We’ll shut the book on living in the forest and we’ll open a new book,” adds Ami.

But before the family can move to “the lower 48,” Matt suffers an injury that forces the show’s producers to call a medic.

“Hang in there, Matt,” the Brown son is told as he’s being loaded into an ambulance with his head wrapped in bloody gauze. “Matt, you’re bleeding. We’re taking care of you.”

The show reveals that season 7, which premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery, will continue to document the aforementioned events as they “continue to play out in real time.”