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December 15, 2016 03:35 AM

Beloved Canadian actor Alan Thicke may have been almost 70 when he died, but America’s favorite TV dad was as charming as ever.

In one of his final roles, Thicke will play Jenny Mollen‘s dad in her new web series I Like You Just The Way I Am — and the actress and author reveals to PEOPLE that Thicke still had it.

“The episode is talking about how my dad is kind of my husband in, like, a sort of weird way, but not really. [Alan and I] have this really romantic kiss at the end, even though he plays my dad,” Mollen, who is married to Jason Biggs, tells PEOPLE. “He was this 69-year-old man and I’m like, ‘He has game! I totally get it. I totally get the appeal, I get why he has a young, hot wife. This guy has so much game and swagger.’ ”

The actress also opens up about the “class act” Thicke was on set after only being cast as her father just one day prior to shooting: “He’s incredible. At the eleventh hour he comes in, I give him like pages and pages of a monologue and he just nails it and adds all this stuff. He was so charming. He was so handsome. He was such a pro,” Mollen says, adding that she was “devastated” when she heard the news of his death at 69 on Tuesday.

The late actor blew Mollen away with his acting — something she wasn’t fully expecting since she still thought of him as Dr. Seaver from Growing Pains.

“His comedic timing was insane. I couldn’t believe it because, you know, these iconic actors from these shows we grew up on, they’re beloved but you don’t even think about what they’re capable of as actors because you just know them as those people in a weird way — you feel like they’re a part of your life,” she admits. “You never judge them in that way and seeing him work it was like, ‘Oh my God, he’s really f—– talented.’ He’s not just my dad from the TV show I grew up on.”

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She adds: “You forget. It’s like ‘Oh my God, yeah, you’re incredible!’ He was just a real revelation, having him there was so fun. So fun to watch him work. He was so talented. I’m telling you, he seemed so healthy and great and handsome. It’s really such a bummer.”

Although part of Mollen’s show will be available to stream starting Dec. 15 on, the episode with Thicke will air at a later date.

Thicke is survived by his wife, Tanya, and his three sons — Robin, Carter and Brennan — after passing away from a heart attack on Dec. 13.

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