Spoiler alert: he arrived just in time

Al Roker‘s much-touted trip across the pond was more like a quick layover, thanks to Winter Storm Stella.

The Today weatherman landed in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Saturday, only to make his hasty return less than 36 hours later. He documented his entire mad dash back to New York City on social media – a literal race against the storm.

Roker was in the country with fellow Today co-host Sheinelle Jones for a special two-day segment, but seemed to only enjoy one night of Scottish reveling before news of the impending blizzard blast to the Northeast broke.

He was back on Today in N.Y.C onMonday morning – bright-eyed and bushy-tailed despite the jet lag-inducing journey.

“Tomorrow, I’m supposed to be here in Scotland doing the Today show for two days, but we’ve got that blizzard coming, big storm, coming into the Northeast – Mid-Atlantic into the Northeast,” explained Roker in a video taken from the airport. “So I am trying to get back into New York to be on the Today show tomorrow morning. So tune in tomorrow morning to see if I make it.”

He updated fans shortly after with a second selfie video, explaining from his seat on the plane, “Okay, I made the first leg of the flight. Onboard waiting to take off for London.”

Once in London, Roker had to rush between terminals, writing “#fingerscrossed” as he attempted to make the quick connection.

As he approached the gate, he said in a video, “Open up the kennel honey, I’m coming home.”

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After being safely seated on the plane, he recorded one final clip, telling his followers, “Whew! Well, I made it. Flight is a little delayed but that’s okay.”

“I’m heading home and I’ll see you tomorrow morning on Today,” Roker shared.

On Monday morning, Roker was up bright and early for Today, giving viewers the full scoop on the storm and reflecting on his too-brief trip to Scotland.

“The other thing I remember though, most, about our trip… On Saturday night, you tried Haggis for the first time,” he detailed to Jones, who was still reporting from overseas.

Roker said Jones had a “reaction” to the pudding, which is made up of a sheep’s heart, liver and lungs. He on the other hand, liked the unique dish.