Texas police arrested Ahmed Mohamed on Monday after a teacher mistook his homemade clock for a bomb
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star Stephen Amell is on a social media break after defending Texas following the arrest of a 14-year-old Muslim student who brought a homemade clock mistaken for a bomb to school.

“Didn’t mean to offend anyone today, wasn’t trying to equate things that are very, very different, was simply trying to say that two wrongs don’t make a right,” he said in a Facebook video Wednesday night. “I think I did offend people, the best thing to do in these scenarios is just to go away for a little bit. So be well, I’ll be back, and that’s it.”

Police detained Ahmed Mohamed on Monday after a teacher thought the science project, created out of a pencil case, was an explosive. The incident sparked outrage across the country as celebrities tweeted their support for the boy, and President Barack Obama has invited him to the White House.

But Amell, 34, started a firestorm of his own Wednesday when he tweeted, “Stereotyping Texas isn’t any better than stereotyping Ahmed. Just so we’re clear.”

He also replied to a Tweet critical of Ahmed’s arrest, writing “How many times have you been to Texas?”

The actor then posted an eight-point defense of his argument:

“1. I can’t believe I broke my rule and tweeted about an actual event. Staggering to remember that debates in 140 characters don’t work.

2. What happened to Ahmed was terrible. Obviously.

3. I happened to read a series of tweets pronouncing that this is a systemic problem in Texas, which is also profiling.

4. It’s profiling in a much less hurtful / destructive way… but it is profiling.

5. Anywho, I’m not apologizing or deleting the tweets. If you’re outraged at an opinion it’s because you’re bored.

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6. My wife is from Texas, I have extended family in Texas, and I’ve met thousands of Texans that are wonderful, polite individuals.

7. This gave me an excellent opportunity to block several employees of a couple companies I don’t like. That’s exciting.

8. Last thing: Ahmed’s White House visit will be an awesome, awesome moment.”

Amell is married to Cassandra Jean, a Texas beauty queen and actress best known for competing on America’s Next Top Model in 2005. They have one child together, 23-month-old daughter Mavi Alexandra.