AGT: Heidi Klum Looks Back on Memorable Shirtless Acts Ahead of 15th Anniversary Special

PEOPLE has the first look at America's Got Talent's 15th-anniversary special

Heidi Klum has seen her fair share of acts during her nine seasons on America's Got Talent.

On the 15th-anniversary special, airing Tuesday, the supermodel reflects on some of the most memorable performances throughout her time on seasons 8-13, as well as the current 15th season. She was also a judge in seasons 1 and 2 of Champions.

PEOPLE has the first look at the two-hour episode, during which Klum, 47, looks back on shirtless male acts that made her react with her signature eye-goggles gesture.

"What I admire about Heidi is she's very focused. She's very funny. But the one thing is once someone has got their top off," Simon Cowell says before imitating Klum's eye-popping response.

"Sometimes I get a little excited, I'm just looking," the mother of four jokes.

"If you see Heidi doing that, cut to the stage: it's a man without a shirt," Howie Mandel adds.

America's Got Talent

Tuesday's episode, which features clips of former judges Howard Stern and Mel B, will celebrate AGT's most viral acts over 15 years, including winners Kodi Lee, Shin Lim and Grace Vanderwaal, as well as Champions-winning troupe V. Unbeatable and season 13 troupe Zurcaroh.

The anniversary special was put together during an unprecedented time; the show is figuring out the production schedule amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which shut down filming in spring.

AGT resumed filming in June and will air its live show rounds from Universal Studios in California. (In years past, the live shows took place at The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.) New episodes are set to air starting Aug. 11, and will showcase 44 acts performing over four weeks of quarterfinals, compared to the usual schedule of 36 acts appearing over three weeks.

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays (at 8 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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