'AGT: Extreme' 's Jonathan Goodwin Speaks Out After Stunt Gone Wrong: 'Long Road to Recovery'

"A couple of days ago my life took a complete left turn," Jonathan Goodwin said

America's Got Talent: Extreme contestant Jonathan Goodwin is speaking out after his Oct. 14 accident on the Atlanta set of the upcoming spinoff show.

On Wednesday, the 40-year-old stunt performer shared an update on his health after he was hospitalized last week following an escape act gone wrong at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, where the show is being filmed.

In the new photo taken from his hospital bed, Goodwin appears to have scabs on his face and a bandaged hand.

Jonathan Goodwin
Jonathan Goodwin/Instagram

"You can't say you don't get out what you put in. I've tried my hardest over the years to be kind, thoughtful, honest supportive and good. A couple of days ago my life took a complete left turn… and the outpouring of love from all the corners of the world; from people I didn't even think would know or remember me… has just been astonishing. Truly incredible," the father of one began his post on Instagram.

"I will have a lot to say on that matter and the benefits of being kind in the future.. but thank you. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and sent their love and support. It literally has been a lifesaver," he continued.

Goodwin also gave shout-outs to his loved ones, including his fiancée, British actress Amanda Abbington, whom he called "the best thing to ever happen to me."

Jonathan Goodwin, The Daredevil from "The Illusionists" during a press preview of 'The Illusionists - Turn of the Century' at The Theater Center on November 29, 2016 in New York City.
Walter McBride/WireImage

The performer concluded his latest Instagram post in part by alluding to his photo, writing, "To death I say nananana boo boo."

"I have been to the very brink and dodged the worst that a human being can, without fear…because I was protected by love. Love is all you need, so make sure you get some, cos its good s---," he said. "There is a long road to recovery and that won't look like what it did… I may leave the daft s--- alone for a while, but I have a lot left to do in this world. Maybe we can make something good together?"

In the comments section, many left supportive messages including AGT judge Heidi Klum. "Sending you my love as well ❤️ and a speedy recovery," Klum wrote.

"We've totally got this," Abbington wrote to her future husband.

Last Thursday, during the filming of AGT: Extreme, Goodwin was "suspended 70 feet in the air in a straitjacket hanging by his feet from a wire" with two cars "suspended on either side of him swinging back and forth," according to TMZ, which reported that the stunt involved Goodwin freeing himself in order to land on an air mattress below. However, the Welshman was "sandwiched" in between the two cars after they smashed together.

Production on AGT: Extreme has been paused indefinitely following the incident.

"Our thoughts and prayers remain with Jonathan Goodwin and his family as he continues to recover from his accident on Thursday," the show said in a statement on Sunday. "In order to focus on the wellbeing of our crew, we will be temporarily pausing production on America's Got Talent: Extreme and will resume the last few days of filming at a later date. The health and safety of our cast and crew continue to be our priority."

Goodwin competed on season 15 of AGT last year, making it to the semifinal round. He was also a finalist on Britain's Got Talent in 2019.

When AGT: Extreme was first announced earlier this month, NBC said the show will feature "the most outrageous, unique and jaw-dropping acts of enormous scale and magnitude that simply cannot be confined to a theater stage."

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