'AGT: Extreme' Crowns Season 1 Champion: 'He Deserves This!' Says Host Terry Crews

The inaugural season of the America's Got Talent spinoff concluded after four episodes

The first-ever America's Got Talent: Extreme winner has been chosen.

On Monday, the conclusion of the spinoff's inaugural season saw Alfredo Silva's Cage Riders being crowned as the winners at Atlanta Motor Speedway by the show's "super fans" votes. The group, who earned host Terry Crews' Golden Buzzer, took home the title of Extreme champion and $500,000.

"Alfredo has developed all of his skills into superpowers! The master of knives, whips, crossbows, now motorcycles in cages of death!" Crews, 53, tells PEOPLE in a statement. "His finale has to be one of the greatest all-time extreme performances the world has ever seen — EVER. He deserves this!"

In second place was Aaron Wheelz, the wheelchair daredevil who was born with spina bifida. Wheelz had won judge Nikki Bella's Golden Buzzer after his audition, which aired during week one. (Judges Simon Cowell and Travis Pastrana's Golden Buzzer choices were ultimately not chosen by the "super fans" as the final two acts to compete head-to-head for the title.)

During the finale, Silva's Cage Riders and Wheelz put on impressive performances. Wheelz was up first and back on the ramp, this time attempting a backflip. However, his two chances did not see him sticking a landing. Meanwhile, the motorcycle crew led by Silva successfully performed a wide variety of stunts, including a dangerous Cage of Death act with four riders inside the metal sphere.

AGT Extreme
Chris Haston/NBC; : Eliza Morse/NBC

Silva is a familiar face to longtime AGT viewers. He was one-half of Deadly Games, the knife thrower duo from the flagship series' 11th season, during which they were eliminated in the semifinals. Then, Deadly Games returned for America's Got Talent: The Champions, and made the finals though they were just short of being in the Top 5.

For AGT: Extreme, Silva, who is a third-generation Cage of Death rider, assembled a motorcycle stunt team who wowed the judges and host Crews during the audition round. "Simon Cowell said to me, he was putting together this show, we need the best, the most extreme acts in the world. Let me tell you something, Alfredo every time I see you it is the definition of what this show is," Crews said previously.

"[Alfredo Silva's Cage Riders]' performance was the very definition of what we hoped to see. It was thrilling, dangerous, exciting, & mind-blowing, and my golden buzzer was 100% going to them without a doubt!" Crews previously raved on social media.

AGT Extreme
Chris Haston/NBC

As for Wheelz, Bella recently told PEOPLE that the contestant's story is "incredible" and an inspirational example.

"For me, I like that personality of never giving up, the heart of a champion. The will of this man and I'm all about having that will, sometimes it's just something that you're born with," the WWE Hall of Famer said.

Recalling Wheelz's audition, for which she and the panel went up on his ramp to understand the magnitude of his stunt, Bella shared, "Being up high and just seeing how extreme this act is, already the height of it but also the ramp he was dropping in on wasn't very wide. He's also strapped in on a wheelchair so it's harder for him than anyone else doing it, who is not in a wheelchair. When he crashed that first time and he was like, 'No I really want to do it again,' that was like to me, what champions are made of."

Though he ultimately did not win the title, Bella raved about his heart of a champion. "This man is not only an inspiration but he's an aspiration. He's going to show so many people in this world who are in a wheelchair that the impossible is truly possible, that whatever they think they can't do, they really can," she said. "I truly feel he is what makes up an AGT: Extreme champion. He just sets up that bar so perfectly for the show."

Months before the Feb. 21 premiere, AGT: Extreme made headlines when escape artist Jonathan Goodwin was severely injured in an Oct. 14 accident on the Atlanta set. During a rehearsal, Goodwin was "sandwiched" in between the two cars after they smashed together and he was unable to free himself on an air mattress below. NBC temporarily halted production following the incident.

Neither Goodwin nor news of his accident was mentioned during the AGT: Extreme episodes.

America's Got Talent returns on NBC with its 17th season this summer.

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