Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

Oh the dreaded red line … Apparently it wasn’t a huge deal because the parents decided early on to play the part of the sacrificial lamb. This is definitely not something you would have seen in our season. But then again, we were singles and this is The Biggest Loser: Couples.

As heartwarming as it was to see them put their children first, I was left with conflicted feelings. Obviously a parent is going to do anything for their child but because the cast is comprised of mostly parent-child duos, it really takes away from the true format of the show – and that is, weight-loss driven by competition. It’s always a bummer to see a plus sign at the weigh-in. But on a positive note, those tear-jerking moments left me feeling warm and fuzzy all over.

Okay, so on to Jesse … Wow! Who knew he had that in him? But he was right. And that’s the fire I like to see in people. Yes, he wants Arthur to have every opportunity possible but that shouldn’t mean he should give up and not deal with the problems that got him there in the first place. The best duo in my opinion was really Moses and Kaylee. Their only strategy was to wake up early and work harder than anyone else. That’s where the real focus should be. Plus, they seem like such sweet people. You can’t help but root for them!

I absolutely loved watching Brett and Cara’s team train at the MMA studio! The intensity of the workout is so exciting to watch and I can only imagine what it would be like to train with the two of them. I personally like being pushed and challenged beyond my limits because the feeling afterward is so satisfying! Jillian said it best after the treadmill intervals: “You now have a glimpse of your potential.” And that is exactly why I like to go harder each and every time. So Brett and Cara – if you’re listening – I would love to do a boxing and mixed martial arts session with you two!

See you all next week!