Patsy Noah, Terria Joseph and Sharon Feldstein are the co-founders of YourMomCares

Adam Levine and Alicia Keys couldn’t be more proud of their moms.

In a video launched on Mother’s Day, the Voice coaches recognize the “amazing work” their moms are doing through organization, YourMomCares. Levine’s mom Patsy Noah, Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein’s mom Sharon Feldstein, and Keys’ mom Terria Joseph founded YourMomCares in 2014 to help children in need.

“We are celebrity and influencers’ moms banding together for impoverished children and underserved children,” Feldstein says in a Voice clip. “We care about kids.”

Feldstein says she has known Noah since she was 17, but first met Joseph in the Oval Office when all three women participated in a public service announcement about access to health care.

“Patsy didn’t think she could make it — I just want to make a note about that,” Feldstein jokes. “She wasn’t sure she could fit this in.”

Noah responds, “I had a work week! A couple of years later we just got the bright idea of YourMomCares. This is natural for us.”

YourMomCares works to ensure that all kids have access to quality health care, a safe place to sleep, meals on the table and a strong education. The organization is comprised of “mobile moms” who go where the need is greatest and vet causes and charities to make sure their donations are going to the most important needs.

Their first “mobile mission” was in New York, where they partnered with Children’s Health Fund to raise money for their first #ymc-sponsored Health Mobile. YourMomCares’ most recent donation was a $50,000 grant to support work in the field of children’s mental health.

“Working with Children’s Health Fund has meant a lot to us because that’s going to help these kids grow up to have happy lives,” Noah says. “We have this incredible platform because we have high-profile children, but we’re building on something that started small and we’re parlaying this into a much more visible movement.”

Among the other YourMomCares founders are Rosanna Arquette, Michael B. Jordan’s mom Donna Jordan and Denzel Washington’s wife, Pauletta Washington.

For those interested in getting involved, Noah says to simply send a message to them on Instagram or visit their website at

“Every mom is welcome,” Feldstein says.