Credit: Strauss/WireImage

Sarah Silverman had Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel responded with a mock tryst with Ben Affleck. Now the late-night host has another love rival, his good friend, and Dancing with the Stars contestant Adam Carolla.

“Aahhhh, Ben Affleck!” a smiling Carolla told PEOPLE after Monday’s show. “Is he here? I’m going after Ben, I’ll track him down. Is he in love with dance as much as I?”

This is the latest salvo between the flat-footed Carolla, and his former “Man Show” cohost, Kimmel.

Recently Kimmel admitted to PEOPLE that he had convinced his good friend to do Dancing, if only to use it to mock him later. “I’m always tricking him into doing something that might potentially be embarrassing,” Kimmel said of the struggling Carolla.

To add salt to the Carolla’s wounds: Dance partner Julianne Hough ended the couple’s week II Mambo in the lap of his front-row spectating pal Kimmel. Was it part of the dance act, or just a natural attraction to Kimmel?

A perpetually defeated Carolla could only dead-pan: “Jimmy is quite desirable, he’s the king of late night, he’s a wealthy, desirable man, and I could see any young starlet wanting to cozy up to him.” Strauss/WireImage