Abby Lee Miller Screams at 14-Year-Old in Explosive 'Dance Moms' Teaser: 'I Do Not Raise Brats!'

GiaNina had apparently called Abby Lee Miller's choreography "cheesy" behind her back

Abby Lee Miller is getting some attitude — and not just from the moms!

In an exclusive clip of Tuesday’s episode of Dance Moms, dancer GiaNina says she loves her new solo, but the moms are not buying it.

“You have a sassy jazz dance so this should be easy peasy for you,” Miller, 52, tells GiaNina, 14, at the start of the clip. “You have the same style, the same sass and the same attitude you had in the trio as the devil right now. That’s what we need to see again.”

After questioning glances from the other moms during GiaNina’s praise for the choreography, Stacey Ketchman and Ashley Hosbach step in.

“Okay, Joanne, seriously?” one mom chimes in.

“Gia, tell her how you really feel,” says Joanne, GiaNina’s mom.

Abby Lee Miller

“That is how I feel,” the dancer responds.

But the moms didn’t buy it — and neither did Miller.

“That’s the exact opposite of the entire conversation we had this week and this morning,” responds Stacey, Lilliana’s mom.

After some strong murmurs, Miller interrupts, asking what is going on.

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“You actually called her dance cheesy,” insists Ashley, Pressley’s mom.

Then, Miller explodes.

Abby Lee Miller Easter Instagram
Abby Lee Miller/Instagram

“I don’t appreciate some 13-year-old kid talking about my choreography or Gianna [Martello]’s,” she says, angrily. “I don’t want a brat on my team.”

“I do not raise brats!” she yells.

Joanne steps in to defend her daughter before Ashley interrupts, calling GiaNina out.

“She just said before that she doesn’t care about Abby’s opinion or her words,” Ashley claims. “That came out of her mouth.”

Miller, who has been battling cancer since April 2018, recently told PEOPLE she is now cancer-free

“The cancer is completely gone,” Miller previously told PEOPLE. “I’m more than grateful. I’m thankful. I was always grateful but I think I must say ‘Thank you’ a hundred times a day because I have to rely on strangers; someone to open the door, someone to get the hanger off the rack at the department store, someone to pick up my phone if I drop it. How am I supposed to get it? I’m very grateful and thankful to strangers that have been so kind.”

Abby Lee Miller
Abby Lee Miller. Rich Fury/Getty

In April 2018, after undergoing the emergency surgery for what was initially thought to be a spinal infection, the reality star was diagnosed with was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In the year since, she has undergone ten rounds of chemotherapy and months of rehabilitation in hopes of walking again.

“I pushed through because I feel like I have more to do,” she said. “I want to be an executive producer. I have three other shows and a cartoon that I’ve created. I want to do what I really do — I create. I can make something magical and wonderful out of nothing. I do it every week.”

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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