Aaron Paul Wants to Adopt 'Stranger Things' ' Millie Bobby Brown: 'She Said That We Could'

"You bring the adoption papers. I'll bring my suitcase," Brown told the couple in an interview

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Aaron Paul may have his own role on a Netflix series, but there’s another series on the streaming service that has caught his attention.

The actor, like so many other Netflix subscribers, is obsessed with Stranger Things and the show’s young stars – so much so that he told Millie Bobby Brown that he wanted to adopt her.

Paul, 36, told Jimmy Fallon that tweeting his praise for the Duffer Brothers’ series led to an opportunity to interview the 12-year-old breakout star for Elle.

“I was terrified,” he told the late night host of his assignment. “She’s the best…but I was so terrified. She was on a family vacation Spain and I was like, ‘I’ve got to make this good’…She gets on the phone with her cute little accent…She’s far more articulate than I, and I was terrified.”

Paul even confessed that he and his wife, Lauren, told the actress they wanted to adopt her.

Brown plays Eleven on the hit new series.

“She’s with her family on vacation!” Fallon objected.

Paul responded, “I know, but she said we could!”

In the interview, Brown definitely sounded game.

“Listen: Me and Aaron have arranged a dinner in L.A. in two weeks’ time,” she told his wife. “Now, you bring the adoption papers. I’ll bring my suitcase.”

He also begged to come back when Fallon said the four child stars of Stranger Things would be on The Tonight Show next week.

The actor, who currently stars in Netflix’s Bojack Horseman and Hulu’s The Path, has previously shared his admiration for Brown on Instagram following their talk.

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“Had the absolute pleasure to interview the brilliant, articulate and absolutely adorable @milliebobby_brown the other day. She of course exceeded all of my expectations,” he wrote. “If you have seen Stranger Things then you know how amazing this young lady is. If you haven’t seen the show you need to get on that as soon as possible. Millie, you’re the best. Thanks for sitting down and discussing life with me.”

Lauren Paul has also praised the actress on social media, sharing a photo of Brown’s character on the show and dubbing her “#wcw for life.”

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