Paul saved the mask that was used when Gus' face was burned off.
Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Hulu

Breaking Bad might have ended [and if you’re still watching, there’s a spoiler ahead!] but Aaron Paul is keeping it alive. Sort of.

The actor took to Instagram on Friday, following an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers in which he discussed the props he kept from the show, and shared one of the props he took home.

“Just in case you caught me on @sethmeyers the other night talking about all of the stuff I stole from the breaking bad set and wanted to see what this head looks like,” wrote Paul, 36. “Well, this is what it looks like. Also, if you are not caught up on Breaking Bad guess what…Gus’s face blows up. Love to you all. By the way, I stole every prop I could from this show. So happy I did.”

During his appearance on Late Night, Paul described the props he took, including the one in the photo he posted on Instagram – a mask that was used when Gus was killed off.

“I have that head in my media room,” Paul said before explaining his friends’ reactions to the piece. “Right away they don’t see it when they walk downstairs, but, then, you can tell when they see it. They’re just like ‘Oh, s—!'”