Last night’s Desperate Housewives was full of shocking admissions:

Lynette & TomWhile Lynette suspects Tom might have something to do with torching Rick’s restaurant, she provides him with an alibi to the police on the night of the arson after Rick and Tom are hauled off to the station after getting into a fight. But the biggest surprise? Lynette’s boys ‘fess up that they were the ones who set Rick’s restaurant on fire.

Mike & SusanMike returns home to learn that Orson was the one who ran him over and put him in a coma. Fresh out of rehab, the now-sober Mike decides to forgive Orson, but Susan, hormonal and more emotional than usual, isn’t. She charges over to Brie’s home and confronts Orson, and spills the truth to Brie, who turns Orson out.

Katherine & DylanAfter leading to believe Katherine offed her first husband, it turns out Wayne Davis is alive and well… and a police officer. After seeing Katherine and Dylan’s photo in the society pages, he seeks her out and tells her he’s her father. And Dylan, desperate for answers, begins going behind her mother’s back to see Wayne.

Carlos & GabyGaby meets her match… in a seeing-eye dog named Roxy. While Gaby does battle with the dog (baiting her with an extra-large dog biscuit in order to drive her back to the guide dog school), Edie gives Gaby some neighborly advice on how she should treat Carlos better now that he’s blind. So Gaby calls a truce on her dog fight, and Carlos, Gaby and Roxy make peace in one bed.

So tell us: What was the biggest shocker of the night–Orson confessing to running over Mike, Lynette’s boys confessing they are the arsonists in torching Rick’s restaurant, Katherine’s abusive ex Wayne Davis is alive? Which storyline was the juiciest?