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Updated October 29, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Scott Humbert/The CW

Naomi (Annalynne McCord) is having a hell of a month. She even said so herself. Her parents are getting a divorce, she broke up with her boyfriend, her best friend is a coke addict AND she has detention for the rest of the semester. But all is not bad for the drama queen who just so happens to be the front-runner for Homecoming Queen. And it seems she already made a detention buddy. And he is H-O-T! Of course, he speaks Spanish and she speaks it right back (her parents had a lot of foresight hiring that a Honduran nanny). But the mysterious hottie is out of his league. Maybe. The Homecoming dance was the place to be. Annie (Shenae Grimes) was hoping Ethan (Dustin Milligan) would ask her to the dance, but he said it was too soon after his breakup with Naomi. So he devised the most devious plan — meet at the dance and then they can dance the night away. Sneaky. Annie was walking on air for about five minutes when Naomi asked her to join her at her house so they can get ready together. Hey Annie, ever hear the saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?” Well, Annie saw it as a chance to make a new friend.

At the dance, Naomi was having a great time with her new BFF — now that Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) survived an overdose and was forced to rehab — until she saw Annie and Ethan dancing. Standing at the bar with two non-alcoholic drinks in her hands, nostrils flaring, Naomi is saved by the mysterious detention-hall buddy who whisks her onto the dancefloor. Unable to pay attention to her dance partner, Naomi decides to confront Annie when Adrianna shows up and demands to speak to Naomi. Uh, isn’t Adrianna supposed to be in the best and most expensive rehab? How did she get out?

Rebuffed by Naomi, Adrianna goes looking for her drug dealer because at least he likes her. But Navid (Michael Steger) shows up and saves her before she could get into trouble. Meanwhile, the handsome teacher Mr. Matthews (Ryan Eggold) is single-handedly trying to stop the rampant drug use at West Bev High. He spots his new student, who is an undercover narc, buying drugs. He soon learns of her real identity and age (25), which means he can make out with his student.

After a long night, Annie convinces Naomi that friends stick together, but that was before Naomi said they can’t be friends if she goes out with Ethan. What, an ultimatum? Annie tries to deny Ethan but he kisses her anyway, leading to what must be an eventual Annie-Naomi showdown. –Elaine Aradillas

Tell us: What would you do in Annie’s shoes–continue the relationship with Ethan or honor her friendship with Naomi?

Scott Humbert/The CW