'90 Day' : Jenny Is 'Shocked' by Sumit's Total 180 When Announces He Might Want Children in 2 Years

Jenny, 63, and Sumit, 33, agreed early in their 10-year relationship that they wouldn't have kids — but Sumit changed his mind when his parents disowned him

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? stars Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten are no longer on the same page.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday night's episode, Sumit tells Jenny he's thinking about having children in a few years — despite the fact the pair agreed long ago that kids were off the table in their relationship.

Sumit, 33, begins the conversation by telling Jenny, 63, that part of the reason he doesn't want to move to America with her is because "I will be 35 by two years and maybe I'll start thinking about having kids. We might adopt someone by 35. Then, I want to have them in India."

Cut to a confessional, where a baffled Jenny asks, "What the f---?"

She continues, "First of all, we've talked about this since we met over 10 years ago that this can't happen. It's been understood this whole entire time. So how come all of a sudden now when he wants to have a kid when it was never — I mean, I'm shocked."

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In her conversation with Sumit, Jenny asks, "If you want to have kids why did you marry me?"

Then Jenny's adult daughter, who happens to be present as Sumit drops his bombshell, chimes in: "If you had that even in the back of your mind, you shouldn't have married somebody who is done raising children."

Sumit explains that his strained family situation has changed his thinking, telling the women, "When I think about family, and my parents, and how to just make them happy, how to win their love back and everything — they said, like, 'You cannot have kids.' Because if I have a kid, then, might be they will be happy. 'Okay, now you have somebody to take care of you.'"

He adds, "And if I have a kid, I want my family to be with that [kid]."

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The topic of children is just one new hurdle in the way of Jenny and Sumit's love story. The pair secretly married without the knowledge of Sumit's family — and when they finally fessed up, were disowned from the family entirely.

A teaser for Sunday night's episode also featured a stern conversation with Sumit's father — who reiterated there is no place for Sumit in his family as long as Jenny is in the picture. Sumit's father pushed for divorce, reminding Sumit that his mother — who has cut off all contact with her son — has been unwell as a result of the emotional turmoil of the secret marriage.

Though everyone around him has approved a move to the U.S. (even under unfortunate circumstances), Sumit still won't budging on his desire to stay in India.

Jenny is not blind to the sway Sumit's parents have over his decisions, saying, "Once again, Sumit will do anything to make his parents happy It doesn't seem like anything has changed. Family is gonna be priority — basically always — over me."

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC and discovery+.

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