'90 Day Fiance' 's Jorge Nava Appearance Has Dramatically Changed Since Arrest, Inmate Photo Reveals

The former reality star was sent to prison in Arizona last year on drug charges

90 Day Fiancé star Jorge Nava no longer looks like he did when he was a free man.

The TLC star appears to have developed a passion for fitness while behind bars an Arizona Department of Corrections inmate photo has revealed.

Nava, who is serving a two-and-a-half-year sentence for possession of drugs with the intention to sell, appears to have lost a considerable amount of weight. When Nava was admitted, he weighed 275 lbs, the corrections department’s records show.

Nava was sent to prison in September of last year after being arrested in Arizona in February 2018 when he was found with 293 lbs. of high-grade marijuana in the trunk of his car.

It appears the reality star will not serve out his full sentence at the prison with his release date now expected to be August of next year, according to the ADC.

Jorge Nava
Jorge Nava inmate photo. Arizona Department of Corrections

Nava’s lawyer was able to reduce his class two felony to a class four, and the former reality star said in an interview with TMZ at the time that he could have been looking at more than two decades behind bars.

“When I first started, with the charges against me, I was looking at around 24 years, something like that, some ridiculous number,” he told the outlet.

“But luckily, my lawyer was able to work out a plea agreement and I got the charges dropped and I ended up pleading to a class four felony in Arizona,” he continued.

“I feel like it’s really harsh of a penalty for the crime being,” Nava added. “Just because it’s marijuana-related and right now, it’s going legal… I feel like the whole fact of it, going to prison over the same stuff that’s legal is kinda crazy to me.”

Courtesy TLC

Recreational marijuana is still not legal in Arizona, though there is a ballot measure to legalize the drug in the state that could appear on the 2020 ballot if it receives enough signatures, according to AZCentral.com.

Back in February of last year, Nava spent two days in jail before getting released and posting bail at $25,000. His reduced sentence was allegedly based on his prior record — he previously pled guilty for drug trafficking — and the amount of marijuana he was caught with.

On season 4 of 90 Day Fiance Nava tied the knot with Russian model Anfisa Arkhipchenko shortly after they met through Facebook. While her husband has been in prison, Arkhipchenko has experienced her own body transformation.

Last December, Arkhipchenko said that to fill up her time while Nava is in jail, she turned to exercise.

“To fill the void that I felt after Jorge was sentenced and I was left on my own I decided to try to stay busy and do what I enjoy the most and it was working out,” she said on Instagram at the time. “And ONE DAY I want to take it on a higher level and compete in NPC bikini division.”

Arkhipchenko has made her dreams a reality and has since competed in various bodybuilding bikini competitions.

In February, she shared a before and after side-by-side, revealing that the first photo had been taken in 2017.

“Swipe ➡️ to see my transformation 😅 Which do you prefer – before or after? #fitness #bodytransformation #not10yearschallenge” she captioned the images, which were paired with a video showing off her derriere. “PS the ‘before’ picture was taken in summer 2017. One year after I moved to the US.”

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