'90 Day' : Closeted Jeymi Connected with Another Woman Despite Planning Whirlwind 9-Day Wedding with Kris

Kris "ghosted" Jeymi for 20 days before they even met in person — but that hasn't stopped Kris from moving all the way to Colombia for love

90 Day Fiancé: Jeymi and Kris
Photo: Jeymi Noguera/instagram, Kris Foster/instagram

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way stars Jeymi Noguera and Kris Foster have already faced one major bump in their relationship.

Viewers were introduced to the long-distance couple — who still haven't met in person — on Sunday's premiere. But even before cameras started rolling, the pair nearly split when Kris pulled a vanishing act, Jeymi took the the opportunity to meet someone new.

As Kris, 40, geared up to move to Colombia for love — including tying the knot with Jeymi, 30, just nine days after arriving — both women recounted the difficult time they had in the middle of their relationship.

Before Kris's arrival, Jeymi's friends made sure to remind her how Kris hasn't always been consistent, with one pal asking (in Spanish): "How many times have you called me crying?"

The friend continued, "First it was one day, then it was three days. Then she went missing for weeks," the friend said.

Jeymi later explained in an interview: "Kris disappeared 20 days before my birthday. And she came back, and reappeared, for my birthday. Saying she was sorry, and she had a lot of problems. That's why she disappeared."

Kris and Jeymi, 90 Day: The Other Way Season 4

Though Jeymi and Kris sorted everything out, her friends are still concerned for Jeymi's happiness. They reminded her if Kris left once, she could easily do so again.

While Kris was gone, Jeymi got back out there — going so far as to return to the same site where she'd met Kris to connect with another woman from Texas for "about a month."

"I won't deny I was under a lot of stress and desperation," Jeymi told her friends. She went more into detail in an interview, sharing that Kris had ghosted her at the same time her grandma died, so "I was really sad, I felt alone."

Kris considered Jeymi's outside connection a betrayal — not least of which because the other woman reached out to Kris with receipts and accusations.

"Six months ago I found out that Jeymi was talking to a woman from Texas," Kris said in an interview. "I received a message from this other woman. She found me on social media. She told me that Jeymi was using me for money."

Kris also acknowledged she had paid doctor's bills for Jeymi when her Colombian girlfriend had COVID — but later found out Jeymi might not have been sick at all.

However, Kris understood why Jeymi sought out another connection, reasoning, "I hurt her by ghosting her, so she hurt me."

After the brief hiccup in the relationship, both Kris and Jeymi remained ready to tie the knot. But there were still obstacles on both sides, with Kris's children — Starr and Dayne — concerned about how quickly the relationship had progressed, and Jeymi's still closeted to her "conservative" parents.

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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