'90 Day Fiancé' Star Rosemarie Vega's Sweetest Family Photos

Big Ed's love interest on the show is super close with her family, and has the cutest pics to prove it

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Mom Rose is quarantining with her baby boy and sending positivity to her followers, writing, "Good Eve everyone!! i hope doing safe this quarantine 😊 think positive God bless You All❤❤"

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"Forever With You MY LOVE ❤ My Life 💪 My happiness😍My tressure🎖🏆✨," the star captioned her post before sweetly adding, "because of you why im the one of strong single mom in the word❤"

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Rose enlisted her son and niece to get silly with her on her new Tik Tok account.

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The inseparable mom and son pose for cute pics, and fans are loving the duo.

"Hi adorable Prince and hello gorgeous Rose! 😍💕🌹," one Instagram user wrote.

"He is a mini-you!" another added.

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Rose is spending her quarantine time bonding with her cousins.

"The best time you could ever have is the time spent with your loved ones.. Bonding with my two cousins," she captioned this family shot.

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Papa Vega made an appearance on Rose's IG while the star wished her fans a good start to their April 17 morning.

"Papa visiting us today! Good morning Instagram😃 🌎 ❤️🌹," she wrote.

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The day before, Rose posted a touching tribute to her father. She began with a quote: "The only better than having you for a Dad is my son having you as a Grandpa!" Then added, "Miss and Love you Papa! ❤️🌹 #daughter #forevergrateful"

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Another heart-melting selfie with Mama and baby Prince.

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The 90 Day Fiancé star has got the moves, and fans are loving her dancing, even calling her "queen" in her comments.

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With the ongoing pandemic, mama Rose is helping Prince do his studying at home.

"Home study! Hope everyone is staying safe during this time of COVID19. Take care everyone! From me and Prince! ❤️🌹," she wrote.

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