'90 Day Fiancé's' Kobe and Emily Fear Her Parents' Reaction to Their Unplanned Second Pregnancy

Kobe and Emily have one son together, Koban, but her parents want the couple to wait to have another

Emily and Kobe pose together in the studio in Salina, Kansas, as seen on 90 Day Fiancé.
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90 Day Fiancé's Kobe and Emily have news they're not ready to share.

The couple found out they're expecting their second child on Sunday night's episode — but that's not necessarily good news as far as their loved ones are concerned, prompting them to sit down for a serious conversation about how and when they should break the news to Emily's parents.

At the time of the pregnancy, Emily's parents — who are already housing Kobe, Emily and their son, Koban — had issued one key request: no more children until Emily and Kobe settle into their own place.

"It's not the right timing," Emily admitted about the pregnancy. "We're still figuring out our relationship, our parenting skills together, we're at my parents' house and it's the one thing they told us not to do, was have another kid in their house."

Emily and Kobe, 90 Day Fiancee
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Kobe, who recently moved to America from Cameroon on a K-1 Visa, worried about his reputation, too. "I'm just so afraid," he said. "Her family is just going to see some Cameroonian guy who is just interested in having kids without even securing a bright future for the children and stuff like that."

Despite his in-laws' opinion, Emily hoped Kobe would have a little more enthusiasm about being a father again. After he said it's "heavy" to process the news of a second child, she shared her feelings in a confessional.

"I thought he would be a little bit more excited because he wants kids," Emily said. "And I get it, clearly not a good time, but I can tell by his tone of voice that he wasn't happy about it. Honestly, that kind of hurts my feelings because it takes two to tango and obviously I didn't make a baby by myself."

Kobe and Emily have disagreed over various aspects of parenting before — notably how long Emily should breastfeed their son. When Kobe got to America, he explained why he wanted her to stop breastfeeding. "This time around it shouldn't be like, it's only about you and him," Kobe said in a previous episode. "It's, like, us."

In a confessional, he added, "She's gonna be my wife and we make love, you know, and I have to suck her breasts 'cause I love breasts, to be honest. Alright? So, I can't be sharing breasts with my son."

Kobe and Emily

The pair also recently fought when Emily revealed she bought her own engagement ring. She planned to return the diamond when Kobe proposed with a ring of his own.

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90 Day Fiancé airs Sunday nights on TLC.

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