'90 Day' 's Ed Asks Liz if She's a Lesbian After Blowout Engagement Party Fight: 'You're So Insecure'

Ed and Liz fought at their engagement party after Liz appeared to have an argument with a female co-worker that resulted in Ed questioning Liz's sexuality — and their future together

Ed "Big Ed" Brown and Elizabeth "Liz" Woods' relationship is in jeopardy after their tumultuous engagement party.

In a clip of Sunday night's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, the 29-year-old bride-to-be arrives home after fleeing the scene because Ed, 57, accused her of being in a past relationship with her female former co-worker. Though Liz has denied dating anyone but men in the past, Ed continues his campaign to find out "the truth."

Upon entering their shared home, Liz is met with rage from Ed: "Liz, maybe you outta go back with your grandma and grandpa."

Liz lays out her thoughts: "You got jealous over someone who was attracted to me."

Ed, 56 (San Diego, Calif.) and Liz, 29 (San Diego, Calif.)

Ed jumps to conclusions, telling his fiancée: "Liz, she was a lesbian that you were in a relationship with. She got physical with you, and you denied it."

Liz asks Ed for proof of the relationship he's alleging. In a confessional, Liz says she's "never kept a relationship from him" and points to Ed's own trust issues as the spark for the argument. "I wouldn't invite someone to my engagement party if I've had a relationship with them, just like I trusted that he didn't bring anyone — like a sugar baby."

Ed asks the question that's on his mind — one Liz doesn't seem to be expecting: "Liz, are you a lesbian?"

She responds with a denial and then lists the problems in their relationship. "I have no physical attraction to anything else. Period. I am not attracted to anything but f---ing d---," she says. "But the fact that you don't even f---ing come to bed anymore. You don't give a s--- about me. You stay up until 5 a.m. — you don't cuddle with me, you don't do anything, and you're so f---ing insecure over someone being attracted to me?"

90 day Fiancé - Ed and Liz

Ed airs his own issues with Liz — mainly regarding his concerns when she gets drunk and walks home late at night. When he brings up the "wrong people" she's hanging out with, Liz fires back. "You don't let me hang out with anybody!"

Ed's response: 'Because they're all trashy."

Liz goes for a low blow. "You've been single for 29 years, and I'm still teaching you how to f---ing kiss."

Ed appears to draw a line. "You're mean. You're saying mean and hateful things to me. You call me fat, you tell me I have a small d---, whatever."

"Because you call me fat," Liz snaps back. "And you don't have a reason to call people fat, by the way."

During their blowout fight in last week's episode, Ed appeared to call off the engagement with Liz upon assuming she's attracted to women and hiding it.

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC and discovery+.

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