'90 Day Fiancé'' s'' Evelyn Cormier Addresses 'Rude' Speculation About Her Marriage

"People like to read into everything," says the American Idol alum, who will be competing with her husband, David Vázquez Zermeño, in the new 90 Day Fiancé spinoff series, Love Games

Evelyn Cormier; David Vázquez

90 Day Fiancé's Evelyn Cormier and her husband David Vázquez Zermeño are still going strong.

Since their televised TLC wedding in 2017, the couple has dealt with speculation about the status of their marriage, largely due to Cormier foregoing her diamond ring in many photo shoots.

"It just gets annoying because, you know, people are constantly asking if we're still together or, you know, checking if I'm wearing my wedding ring or if I'm not wearing my wedding ring," Cormier, who competed on American Idol in 2019, tells PEOPLE. "And it's like, you know, I do a lot of modeling on the side and I don't always wear my wedding ring, but that doesn't mean there's trouble in paradise. People like to read into everything."

She continues, "And I also think it's kind of a rude question to ask a married couple if they're still married. I'm not going up to married people and asking if you're still married."

Evelyn Cormier; David Vázquez

While Cormier, 22, says she and Vázquez Zermeño are hoping to expand their family in the future, they're not in a rush.

"We definitely want to have kids, but I just turned 22 and I'm not 100 percent ready to be a full-time mom because I'm busy doing music, writing books. I'm actually publishing my first novel this year, so, I don't have the time to devote to having kids right now," she says. "But we do want them, hopefully in the next five years."

For now, the lovebirds plan to have their relationship on display once more in the new 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, Love Games, which premiered on Valentine's Day on discovery+.

The game show puts 24 couples from the franchise up against each other to find out which pairing knows each other best. Some of the questions put the 90 Day Fiancé couples to the test — and even stir up a few fights.

Cormier admits she and Vázquez Zermeño tried to prepare for the show with a bit of couple's trivia. "We wanted to make sure that we at least could come up with answers for things that we thought they might ask, but they definitely surprised us and threw a lot of curveballs that we were not prepared for," she shares.

"I think we got closer," Cormier says of the experience with Vázquez Zermeño. "I think it was just that it was more fun."

Still, there was one "little argument" that resulted, Cormier says, from an answer to "the most basic question that I should know."

"There's one that I got wrong and it's pretty embarrassing but [David] made up for it by forgetting the exact same thing like, a week later," she says of the question, asked by host Sukanya Krishnan.

On Love Games, the couples compete to collect the most correct answers, which inevitably involve some pretty explicit replies.

"Just because we're Christian it doesn't mean that we think that sex is like, a topic that you can't talk about or weird or anything," Cormier tells PEOPLE.

She teases: "It definitely gets a little racy — or sure, a little hot there — but you just answer it to the best of your ability and 90 Days has always been really good about making us feel comfortable."

New episodes drop Mondays on discovery+.

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