'90 Day Fiancé' Star Ed Brown's Most Iconic Moments

Breakout star Big Ed's painfully awkward scenes on the show are fueling his fandom 

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The Secret Ingredient All Hair Care Routines Need

It was sweet to watch Big Ed prepare to meet Rose for the first time. The star explained that he wanted to look his best to meet the girl of his dreams, but things started to go from cute to questionable when Ed brought out the mayo from the fridge.

In all fairness, Ed said that dying his hair had started irritating his scalp and mayo helps make his hair feel "smoother and less dry." But he also admitted that the condiment makes him "smell like an egg salad sandwich."

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Keeping Secrets Already? This Can't End Well

While he packed for his big trip, Ed had a friend over who tried to raise a few issues before the star went abroad. During the candid discussion, fans learned that Ed lied about his height (the star is 4-ft., 11-in., but told Rose he is 5-ft., 2-in.) and that he doesn't want any more children.

"I want to get a vasectomy but I don't want to tell her," he said during a confessional.

Ed has a 29-year-old daughter named Tiffany and is also willing to parent Rose's son Prince, who is 4 years old.

"I'm 54 and other than Prince, I'm not ready to have more kids," he said.

"I don't know how to tell her, I don't want to break her heart," Ed continued, before his friend cut in to emphasize that he needed to be honest.

Fans who are all caught up with the show know that Ed should've taken his friend's advice.

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Things Really Heat Up in the Philippines

Once the couple went into town to go shopping, Ed quickly found himself overwhelmed by the sweltering heat and Rose's persistence on handling his money.

Prior to their outing, the star didn't tell Rose that her sister had reached out to him on Facebook to ask for money to help save her business. Rose's sister also asked Ed to keep her request secret from Rose, which only stressed Ed even more as Rose began to take money from his wallet as they continued to shop.

Although he did his best to keep his cool, Ed's incessant sweating foreshadowed just how much heat he'd be taking from Rose about keeping yet another secret from her.

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Proposing an STD Test During Dinner

Rose and fans were equally stunned when Ed asked Rose to take an STD test during their first dinner together. Although Rose had been very tight-lipped about her past relationships, which is what prompted Ed to ask the question in the first place, Rose said she was "disappointed" and "hurt" by the request.

The bold move made on their very first in-person date was just a first of many before Rose would eventually lose her patience with Ed.

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Meet the Vegas

For a man who says he can only sleep on sheets with at least 1,000 thread count, Ed was smacked with a reality check when he got to Rose's village.

In this clip, Rose's family gave the couple a warm welcome, but Ed soon found out that he'd be forced out of his comfort zone — which meant no luxurious sheets and mayo hair treatments.

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Showering with His Father-In-Law

When Rose told Ed that it's normal for her family to wash up together, Ed was a little taken aback by the thought of showering with his future father-in-law (whom he just met) but went with it.

The star finished his shower quickly and seemingly survived the awkward experience before running off at the sight of a mouse.

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The Tables Turn on Big Ed

Although Ed has said and done some really outlandish and outright rude things on the show, the star has also had a few moments on the series when he's reflected on his mistakes.

After finally telling Rose that he doesn't want to have more children, Ed woke up the next day to find her missing. He tried to look for her, but she was nowhere to be found. He then sat down at the hotel they're staying at and realized that Rose might not want to be with him after all.

"Coming into this vacation, I thought she wants to marry me," he said. "So it was really about me figuring that out for myself. Was Rose the one I wanted? But now it's kind of a 180. Now it's ... Rose really sorting out for herself if she wants to be with me."

The honest confession showed that Ed understands that his mistakes were pushing Rose away, and also showed the side of Ed that truly cares about her. Every botched attempt to grow their relationship has also been an attempt by Ed to get to know Rose better. For better or for worse, this is one of the reasons why fans can't help but still root for Ed, despite his not-so-great track record with Rose.

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