90 Day Fiancé's David and Lana Finally Meet in Person: 'Oh My God, That's Her!'

"Nothing in the past even matters," David says in a confessional interview after meeting Lana

90 Day Fiance
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David's dream of meeting his longtime Ukrainian girlfriend Lana has come true!

On Sunday's episode 11 of 90 Day Fiancé, David and Lana finally meet in person after multiple failed attempts.

In the bombshell episode, David is seen anxiously waiting as Lana approaches him from a distance. "Is that her?" David says nervously. "Oh my God! That's her."

Lana is seen smiling widely as she gets closer to David. Then, the two share a warm embrace as David picks Lana up and spins her in a circle.

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"Nothing in the past even matters," David says in a confessional interview.

The surprising meet-up comes after David returned to the U.S. without meeting Lana after seven years of chatting online.

In the previous few episodes, David flew out to Ukraine but was stood up by Lana after she agreed to meet him at a train station.

90 Day Fiance

After the failed attempt, David continued to search for Lana by traveling to Pavlograd. In episode 9, he made another plan to meet Lana at a local restaurant.

David excitedly bought champagne for their milestone moment, however, he ended up sipping solo as Lana never showed.

When he returned to the U.S., David hired a private investigator, who revealed to him that Lana has several different dating profiles.

David, a cat-loving computer programmer, swore off American women forever after a series of failed relationships. Having always been attracted to Slavic beauties, he tried his luck on a Ukrainian dating website and fell in love with Lana.

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