'90 Day ' Fiancé: Ed, 54, Covers Scalp with Mayo to 'Look Young' for Rose, 32, Before He Proposes

Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days premieres Sunday on TLC

The stars of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days will do whatever it takes to get their happy ending.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive clip from Sunday’s season 4 premiere of the TLC reality series, 54-year-old “Big Ed,” who is from San Diego, California and is under five feet tall, is preparing to finally meet — and propose to — Rosemarie, who is 31 years his junior and from the Philippines.

“In a few days, I’m getting ready to get on a plane and go meet Rose, the love of my life, for the very first time,” he says. “I’m super excited, because I also bought a ring, and I plan to ask Rose to marry me.”

And in his efforts to “look young” for 23-year-old Rose, he’s come across a very unconventional beauty hack.

“I have been dyeing my hair and it irritates my scalp,” he explains, grabbing a jar of mayonnaise and beginning to apply it to his hair, rubbing it onto his scalp.

“I found out that mayonnaise makes it smoother and less dry,” he says. “I am self-conscious about my physical appearance, because Rose is 31 years younger than me.”

90 Day Fiancé: Ed, 54, Puts Mayo in His Hair to 'Look Young' for Rose, 32, Before He Proposes

With his hair filled with mayo, Ed admits, “I smell like an egg salad sandwich, but it really, really works.”

“I just want to look young for Rose,” he adds.

Ed and Rose are one of eight couples that will be featured on season 4 of the hit show, which follows international couples who have an existing relationship online and travel to the other’s foreign country to meet for the first time.

This season will also introduce the franchise’s first-ever same-sex romance: Stephanie, 29, from Yonkers, New York, and Erika, 24, from Australia.

The other couples include Geoffrey, 41, from Knoxville, Tennessee, and Varya, 30, from Russia; Avery, 32, from Seattle, Washington, and Ash, 38, from Australia; Lisa, 52, from York, Pennsylvania, and Unman “SojaBoy,” 30, from Nigeria; David, 60, from Las Vegas, and Lana, 27, from Ukraine; Yolanda, 51, from Las Vegas, and William, 40, from England; and Darcey, 45, from Middletown, Connecticut, and Tom, 39, from the U.K.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days returns Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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