'90 Day Fiancé' 's Angela Cusses Out Michael's 'Goofball' Friends Who Tell Her to 'Calm Down'

Angela said Michael’s friends "have been nothing but disrespectful to me" on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

90 Day's Angela Cusses Out Michael's 'Goofball' Friends Who Tell Her to 'Calm Down'
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90 Day Fiancé's Angela Deem is not a fan of Michael Ilesanmi's buddies.

On Sunday night's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Angela was upset that she had to spend time with her husband's "goofball" friends.

Angela asked Michael why he has remained friends with the "goofballs" who "were always against this marriage from the beginning."

However, Michael was hopeful that his wife and longtime pals could smooth things over before he left for the U.S., saying, "Hopefully, we can get along today. I mean, let us have a good time."

Angela explained her reservations about meeting with Peter and Ade in a confessional. "I haven't seen his friends in five years and Michael wants me to go have a drink with the goofballs because he wants us to get along. I agree to go but I'm not really wanting to do this," she said.

90 Day's Angela Cusses Out Michael's 'Goofball' Friends Who Tell Her to 'Calm Down'

Angela then questioned Michael about how his friends knew she was in Nigeria. She insisted, "You had to call them or something. Somebody told them. They aren't psychic now. Hell."

However, he denied her accusation as they made their way to the gathering with Peter and Ade.

In a confessional, Angela further shared why she is not a fan of her husband's friends. "I hate that Michael has been seeing the goofballs behind my back because the goofballs have been nothing but disrespectful to me and [have] been bad influences on Michael," she said.

"I leave Nigeria in a few days and the last thing I want to do is start a fight with Michael so I agreed to meet with the goofballs because I know it's very important to Michael and I'm here to work on my marriage," she added.

Angela reiterated to her husband that she is only going because he asked her to attend, but she knows that his friends don't want their marriage to work.

After attempting to defend his friends to Angela, Michael admitted that he was "nervous" for the meetup.

"I don't know why Peter and Ade text this morning asking to meet up and I hope their intentions are good," he said in a confessional. "Despite the fact that my wife doesn't like my friends, I want to bring Angela along because it could be my last chance to make peace with everyone before I get to the States."

Angela appeared unwilling to give his friends a chance. As she approached the table, she said, "I see their nasty a--es."

After a few pleasantries, Angela immediately asked how they knew she was in Nigeria and Peter answered that she was "the talk of the whole neighborhood."

"A white lady came around to create a big scene at Michael's house," he said. "Then definitely, we knew Angela was in town."

In a confessional, Peter explained that he was not surprised by the line of questions, sharing, "The incident with Angela, it's kind of funny because that's the Angela we know. She makes trouble."

"We invited Michael and Angela out because he shut down his Instagram account," Ade said. "So, I think she still wants to be the boss, and she still wants things to go her own way. I think Michael should stand his ground now."

Peter added, "I don't think Angela is supposed to tell Michael what to do. It's wrong."

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Over drinks, Peter asked why Michael had been on Instagram and Angela jumped in, saying, "Do you know we was on the verge of divorce? He was flirting with women."

She then accused Michael's friends of knowing that his social media behavior was going to cause "a major f—-ing drama" between them.

Tensions between Angela and Michael's friends escalated when Ade called her "crazy."

"If you are my husband's friend and you all had respect for our marriage, you would have said 'Michael, do you understand the consequences [and] are you ready for this fight with her? Are you possibly ready to get divorced?' You all didn't do that," she said.

Peter insisted they want "the best" for Michael, and Angela responded by saying, "You're not a good friend. You should have accepted me because of him."

Ade then said, "I'm not sure Angela is the best option for you" which caused tempers to flare at the table. "Why are you doing this? She is my wife, for crying out loud," Micheal told Ade.

After Ade told Angela to calm down, she replied, "You don't f—ing tell me to calm down. Don't you f—ing dare go there. I'll tip this motherf—ing table over. You're not my husband. Don't you dare tell me to f—ing calm down."

She told her husband, "You better handle this motherf—er or I will."

Michael then stepped in and told Ade to calm down and defended his wife. In a confessional, Michael admitted the meeting did not go as well as he had planned, saying, "Today, I was hoping to sort things out between my friends and Angela. But now, I'm dumbfounded, I don't even know what to say."

He shared that he found Ade's behavior to be "disrespectful" to Angela, adding, "She's my wife, she's my partner. She's my everything."

Peter revealed that he found it "confusing" that Michael was defending his wife during their argument because "she needs to work things out with us." He added that he "hopes she's nicer to Michael when he gets to the United States."

Angela later told her husband that she was grateful that he protected her during the fight. He replied, "You're my wife, who am I supposed to protect, if not you?"

In a confessional, she said, "I'm very proud of Michael for standing up for me because that shows me that he loves me. Maybe now Michael will have a clean slate coming to the U.S."

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90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC and discovery+.

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