The reality star previously worked as a medic

By Aurelie Corinthios
March 02, 2020 11:52 AM
Credit: Alex Brovarnik/Instagram

Alex Brovarnik leapt into action to save a drowning man while vacationing in the Bahamas over the weekend.

The 90 Day Fiancé alumnus was in Nassau with his wife Loren, who posted a video of the incident on Instagram with a lengthy caption claiming the man was “beyond intoxicated” while his friends “just stood there and watched.”

“The man went into the water and about drowned!” she wrote. “As you can see, Alex is dragging out his unconscious body while his ‘friends’ did nothing!”

“We are meant to be in a place in time for a reason,” she continued. “Alex and his friend Sean were meant to be at this beach, at this exact time because if not, who knows what could have happened!”

“My husband saved a mans life today! And I couldn’t be more proud, yet not surprised at the same time,” she added. “Meanwhile you can see this guys ‘friends’ standing there and then walking away! NOT ONE OF THEM went in the ambulance with him either! It goes to show you may think your friends are your friends, but God forbid something bad happens, would then help you or just stand there and watch you fall?!”

“Always trust your instinct,” she urged. “Please share this for awareness and KNOW YOUR LIMITS!”

Alex also posted the video on Instagram, writing, “I am glad I was able to be at the right place at the right time today to pull this kid out of the water before it’s too late.”

The couple met in 2013 while Loren was on a Birthright trip in Israel, where Alec was working as a medic. The pair, who celebrated four years of marriage last September, are currently expecting a baby boy. They exclusively confirmed the news to PEOPLE in January.

“We’re obviously beyond excited for BabyBrov’s arrival this spring,” Loren said. “He is just so loved already by so many!”

“They say there is no bond stronger than the one between a mom and her son, so the fact that I’m getting a mommy’s boy has me over the moon, and the fact that Alex has a new fishing buddy and a mini-him, if you will, has him very excited!” she added. “The Brovarnik name gets carried on another generation!”