6 Things That Haven't Changed in 'Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life' — And 7 That Did

Not all is the same in Stars Hollow


SPOILER WARNING: For those who haven’t watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, plot details will be revealed below.

The years may come and go, but nothing really ever changes in Stars Hollow, right?

Well, maybe a few things.

There were surprises and shocks in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, but keeping us sane is the fact that in Stars Hollow, some things never change. Like these six:

1. Taylor is still the town selectman.

And with that, remains many of the town’s time-honored traditions: The harvest festival and the basket auction, for example. However, as Taylor does, he’s creating new town events to get excited about — although we’re not sure if Stars Hollow: The Musical is one of them.

2. Kirk is still Kirk.

He’s still concocting ill-advised business ideas, like OOO-Ber, which is pretty much the same concept as the similar-sounding Uber. He’s still with Lulu. He’s still making questionable short films. However, now he has a pet pig, Petal, which somehow manages to make him even Kirk-ier.

3. Lorelai and Luke still aren’t married.

Despite the lack of hardware on their fingers, there was no real need for Lorelai and Luke fans to worry: Though the vows hadn’t yet been exchanged between the two, they’ve been together

4. Luke’s still anti-technology.

Though the no cell phones sign still hangs on the wall of his diner, even Luke has had to adapt to 2016. He has wifi at the diner — but keeps the password to himself.

5. Lorelai still has her Jeep.

She’s upgraded her house and her wardrobe (somewhat), but Lorelai has stayed true to her beloved Jeep — much to Gypsy’s dismay.

6. Jess is still in publishing.

Last time we saw Jess, he had gotten his life together, published a book, and was working for an independent book press. Nine years later, he’s doing much of the same.

But for all that’s stayed the same, things have changed, too.

1. Sookie left the Dragonfly.

Okay, we all knew that Melissa McCarthy was going to miss the bulk of A Year in the Life due to scheduling constraints. However, we didn’t know how they were going to explain it. Turns out, Sookie escaped upstate to the Blue Hill farm, where she’s learning what soil tastes like with Dan Barber. Sadly, this means not only do we get practically no Sookie in the revival, we only get a quick flash of Jackson, too.

2. Emily has the same maid for a whole year.

Of all the running gags throughout Gilmore Girls’s seven season history, Emily’s constant firing of her maids is one of the best. So it’s beyond odd to see that in A Year in the Life, she has the same maid the entire time — and lets her maid’s family live in her house with her. Widow Emily is not the same Emily she was before. (The jeans more than proved that!)

3. Rory’s journalism career is floundering.

Last time we saw Rory, she had landed a dream gig covering then-Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Nearly 10 years later, it seems the only professional achievement of note she has under her belt is one well-received New Yorker article. Where’s the budding journalist and serial over-achiever we know and (sometimes) love?

4. Michel got married.

We didn’t know much about Michel’s personal life in the original iteration of Gilmore Girls, besides his frequent attendance at Celine Dion concerts. But in A Year in the Life, we learn that he’s married (and that he’s gay), to a man named Frederik, who wants to have a baby with Michel. As you can imagine, he’s not thrilled by the prospect of the latter.

5. Dean no longer lives in Stars Hollow.

Of all Rory’s ex-boyfriends, it’s her first that we see the least of. Dean and Rory have just one run-in, fittingly, at Doose’s Market, the site of their first kiss. Why? Because he’s relocated to Scranton, Pennsylvania, with his wife and three children. There’s a dash of irony to his move, as of all of Rory’s boyfriends, he was the one who seemed destined to stay in Stars Hollow forever.

6. Logan is back working for the family business.

During the show’s seventh season, Logan Huntzberger seemed determined to move out from the pressure his family had put on him. He leaves the family business after a bad investment while working in London, and takes a job in California. Through this, he seemed to truly grow up and out of his college playboy ways. Now, he’s back in London, back working for the family business, and cheating on his fiancée. Logan, what happened?

7. Lane has a dad!

Throughout seven seasons, Mrs. Kim was a larger-than-life presence in Stars Hollow. Mr. Kim, however, wasn’t a presence at all — despite hearing about him numerous times. In the revival, the mystery is solved when we see Mr. Kim in the flesh at the international food festival. It’s about time!

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is now streaming on Netflix.

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