4 Unanswered 'Gilmore Girls' Questions — and Why We NEED Another 'Year in the Life'

These four unanswered questions are reason enough to have another Year in the Life

SPOILER WARNING: For those who haven’t watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, plot details will be revealed below.

Gilmore Girls has finally come to a close the way creator Amy Sherman-Palladino originally intended for her series to end, but there are still numerous questions that remain unanswered.

In the Netflix revival, audiences catch up with the beloved cast in the years since the series wrapped with season 7 in May 2007. Throughout A Year in the Life, which transports audiences back to the beloved town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, the cast lives out an entire year in four seasonally-specific episodes: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

But although Sherman-Palladino addressed numerous burning queries within the six hours of footage — including Luke and Lorelai getting married, the reveal of the final four words and addressing Richard Gilmore’s death — four burning questions still remain, which leaves hope for another Year in the Life.

1. Will Luke and Lorelai Eventually Decide to Have a Baby?
Every Gilmore Girls fan showcased a megawatt smile at the wrap of the revival series when Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) finally said “I do” after being together “steadily for nine years.” But in the first episode (“Winter”) in which fans reconnect with the fan-favorite couple, the two lovebirds contemplate having a child through a surrogate. Although Luke gives a firm “no” after visiting Paris Gellar’s (Liza Weil) Dynasty Makers fertility and service clinic, the topic of having a “fresh kid” arises again at the end of “Winter” — and it is evident that Lorelai is hesitant about completely saying goodbye to the possibility of having a child together.

Luke: “What’s that?”
Lorelai: “It’s just Paris sending me pictures of potential, you know. She’s tall, you want to start a basketball team?”
Luke: “Didn’t you say were not doing that?”
Lorelai: “Oh, I emailed her that we’re tabling it.”
Luke: “Tabling it?”
Lorelai: “Backburnering it?”
Luke: “Just tell her no.”
Lorelai: “That’s what tabling means.”
Luke: “No, tabling means you’re gong to do it eventually. Are we doing it eventually?”
Lorelai: “No, you said no.”
Luke: “You said no.”
Lorelai: “We both said no. so, don’t need a surrogate. (Sends text to Paris) Done. Let’s get that drink.”

2. Will Rory Decide to Raise Her Baby Alone?
The final four words in the series reveal that Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) is pregnant with presumably Logan Huntzberger’s (Matt Czuchry) child. Prior to her revealing to Lorelai that she has a baby on the way, Rory makes a visit to her father Christopher. While catching up with her dad and telling him about her new Gilmore Girls book that she’s in the process of writing, she also asks him about why he chose not to be involved in raising her — and if he’d do it the same way if he could do it over. Could Rory be considering raising her child alone without help of the father, just like her mother raised her as a single parent? In the exchange between Rory and Christopher, it appears that she is seeking clarity and answers about what is best for raising a child.

Rory: “How did you feel about mom raising me alone?”
Christopher: “Ouch. Kinda cold cocked me there Mr. Bernstein.”
Rory: “Sorry, I just have to know. How did you feel? What did you feel?”
Christopher: “Look, your mom did what she wanted to do and I really wasn’t consulted.”
Rory: “I know, but you let her do it.”
Christoper: “I did. I let her do it.”
Rory: “So, now, all these years later, how do you feel about that?”
Christopher: “It was in the cards. Lorelai and you from the first moment I saw you two together, no one was getting between you guys. Maybe that’s why she’s getting married now. You’re grown, her job is done. Now she can let someone else in.”
Rory: “So she didn’t let you in?”
Christopher: “I’m not saying that.”
Rory: “But is that why you weren’t there because she made the decision and she pushed you away?”
Christopher: “No, not at all. We were just so young, I was so young and Lorelai was, well, much like yourself, she was a force of nature. Just uncontrollable, sure about everything. I couldn’t come close to competing with that, so I didn’t.”
Rory: “But you could have fought her on it. You could have talked her out of it.”
Christopher: “Have you ever tried talking your mother out of anything?”
Rory: “But do you think it was the right decision that she raised me alone?”
Christopher: “I think it was exactly what was supposed to happen and I think she’d back me up on that.”
Rory: “Yeah, I think she would too.”

3. Will Rory End Up with Logan or Jess?
Although the fourth episode (“Fall”) revealed that Dean (Jared Padalecki) is married and is expecting a fourth child with his wife Jenny, both Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) and Logan are still possibilities in capturing Rory’s heart. Prior to getting married, Luke asks his nephew if he’s over Rory. “Yep, long over,” Jess responds. But as he walks away, he gazes back into her Stars Hollow house and admires his ex-girlfriend from afar, clearly revealing to fans that he is not over her. Logan, also, still cares for his college sweetheart. Despite living in London and being engaged to a woman for the sake of the families’ “dynastic plan,” Logan attempts to win Rory back by whisking her away for a night. Alas, she says goodbye to pursue writing her book. At the wrap of the series, it’s revealed that she is pregnant, most likely with Logan’s child (he’s the only man that audiences know her to be intimate with aside from a one-night stand in the “Spring” episode, which would be 5-6 months before the “Fall” episode when she announces her pregnancy). Would she give Logan another chance? Or would she reconsider a shot with Jess, the bad boy who finally found his way and encouraged her to write her story?

4. Does Lorelai Open a New Dragonfly Inn?
Lastly, Michel Gerard (Yanic Truesdale) reveals to Lorelai that he is contemplating moving to New York to take a job at the W Hotel. The idea of expanding her business seems nearly impossible to Lorelai as there are a variation of restrictions that prevent her from growing her Inn. But on her walk through town in the final episode, she comes across a nun’s house that’s for sale — and is exactly what she needs to further the Dragonfly. After a visit to matriarch Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop), during which Lorelai asks to have the money transferred from Luke’s trust to her account, she secures the funds to purchase the new property (under the conditions that she visits Emily’s new Nantucket home three weeks/year). So, does Lorelai win the bid on the new property? And if she does, is Michel willing to stay? Beyond that, would chef Sookie St. James (Melissa McCarthy) also come back on the condition of a larger property?

Do you have any further unanswered questions? Share your burning queries in the comments below!

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is now streaming on Netflix.

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