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October 04, 2007 12:00 AM

Coming off a big Emmy win for their first season, 30 Rock costars Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer kick off season two tonight (NBC, 8:30 p.m. ET), joking about awards night, summer breaks and who they would like to see guest star on the NBC award-winning comedy.

What did you think when 30 Rock won the best comedy Emmy?Jack McBrayer (Kenneth): You kind of practice your congratulations face so the camera doesn’t catch you going, ‘Oh, man!’ It was a complete surprise. We thought they were saying Third Rock from the Sun. Jane, you character returns from summer break heavier. Tell us about that.Jane Krakowski (Jenna): Jenna did a musical called Mystic Pizza the Musical for her summer break on Broadway. She gained 40 lbs. doing it because she had to eat four slices of pizza per performance. They made me this incredible prosthetic. It is now up on my refrigerator reminding me not to go in it.

Off-screen, costar Tracy Morgan came back from summer wearing an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. Did he show it to you?Krakowski: Showed it? He’s bedazzled it! I mean it is the hottest celebrity accessory around right now, isn’t it? McBrayer: It’s an accessory to be reckoned with. I’m going to get one just for show.

What’s the most exciting thing you did during your real-life summer hiatus?McBrayer: I had to spend a month in Hawaii working on a movie. It was so great. It was like a month-long Corona commercial. Krakowski: Mine was very similar. I was in Toronto, Canada this summer–you know, the beach, the high life.

On future guest stars:McBrayer: I read a quote from this summer where Tina Fey said that she was hoping to get Florence Henderson on the show as a love interest for Kenneth. Krakowski: I’m sure Daniel Craig would like to make a small appearance on the program. James Bond comes on 30 Rock for Jenna. I am dreaming… I’d be working out night and day for that appearance.

What are your hopes for season two?McBrayer: You know how on some TV shows the whole cast goes to Europe or something. Maybe we could all go to Hawaii. The Bradys went to Hawaii … maybe we can do that too… or Toronto. Krakowski: We can all go to Toronto, Canada.

Photo: Kevin mazur/Wireimage; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

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