The comedian knew President Obama before he was even a senator

By Patrick Gomez
Updated December 24, 2014 06:15 PM
Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty

The Mindy Project‘s Ike Barinholtz is known as a funny man – but guess which one of these fun facts he told PEOPLE is just a joke?

1. He used to play basketball with President Obama.
“We used to play pick-up games in the park together all the time. It was before he was even a senator. I hope we’ll reconnect when he’s no longer busy being president.”

2. He’s a romantic.
“I’m a big gesture guy. These days, that means offering to change our [17-month-old] daughter [Foster]’s diaper and letting my wife [Erica] get good sleep.”

3. He has a green thumb.
“My wife loves flowers. When we were struggling financially, I became a master of keeping a bouquet alive for weeks.”

4. He was a train conductor for the Chicago Transit Authority.
“My line always ran on time!”

Which one of these wasn’t true?

“I wasn’t a conductor, but everyone assumes I was! I worked in marketing. It helped pay for improv classes I have seen a lot on those trains, though.”

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