Also, 5-year-old Josie got put on laundry duty now that Jessa has flown the coop

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated April 07, 2015 10:00 PM
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Though Jill and Derick Dillard just announced the arrival of baby Israel David, the sex of their baby was still a mystery on Tuesday’s 19 Kids and Counting.

The birth of Israel came just in time to make his name a surprise, too; as Derick revealed in the episode, they were always going to name the baby Israel if a boy, and Saleah if a girl.

Also, with Jessa, 22, having flown the nest following her marriage to Ben Seewald, 19, the mechanics of the Duggar household needed re-jiggering – which is how 5-year-old Josie ended up on laundry duty.

Is Baby Dilly a Boy or a Girl? And, We Learn About "Buddy Teams"

When the Duggars welcome a new baby into the family, an older “buddy team” is assigned to that child so that they can develop a connection with that child and look out for him or her.

Baby Dilly’s buddy team consisted of Joy Anna, 17, James, 13, and Jennifer, 7. They, along with Jill and Derick, were the first to find out the sex of Baby Dilly and tasked with helping to decorate for the Duggar-sized party that would reveal the big news to the rest of the family.

This was done in the form of a piñata party, wherein a question mark-shaped piñata was filled with blue candies as opposed to pink. Because why not?

Jill also reflected on the fact that she was 25 weeks pregnant, which is how far along Michelle, 49, was when she prematurely gave birth to Josie. Knowing that anything could happen, she and Derick made sure to pay diligent attention during their birthing classes – even though Derick had a hard time not cracking jokes.

"The Best Jurisdiction I Don’t Think There Is One"

As any 19 Kids fan worth their salt knows, Jessa was always the organized one. With her gone, it was time for the rest of the Duggar clan to step up, chores-wise.

In the Duggar household, each child has a “designation” – a certain set of chores they are always responsible for. Joy Anna made herself pretty unpopular when she was designated as the official delegator of chores – perhaps especially with Josie, who was tasked with collecting the laundry of all 19 inhabitants of the Duggar household every day. No small task.

“The best jurisdiction I don’t think there is one,” admitted one of the Duggar boys, though they all universally agreed that laundry and bathrooms were the worst.

In true Duggar spirit, the elder children had to help the younger children with learning their new jurisdictions.

Also Worth Noting

• The Duggars have had a whopping 15 pets – on Tuesday’s episode, they gave Bubba a bath.

• Michelle has spent over 150 hours in labor. A week of her life.

• The Duggar household has nine bathrooms – that is an astonishingly bad jurisdiction to have to inherit. Jeremiah, 16, has our sympathies.

• Cathy Dillard received a special surprise while recovering from a cancer treatment in Omaha, Nebraska – Derick’s brother, Dan, traveled 450 miles to deliver the baby news to her in person. She was thrilled even though she was kind of hoping for a girl.

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