Also, Jessa's bridesmaids dresses arrive – and they don't go over well

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated February 24, 2015 10:00 PM
Credit: TLC

On this week’s 19 Kids and Counting, while Jill met with her fellow midwives and had to contend with the idea of giving birth herself, Jessa continued planning her wedding to Ben Seewald.

Jessa Says Yes to a Dress

Unlike Jill, Jessa wasn’t really interested in the princess experience when it came to choosing a wedding gown. She just wanted to get in, choose a dress and get out – with 11 members of her family in tow, of course, including her future sisters- and mother-in-law.

The importance of modesty was reiterated: Jessa, 22, needed something with sleeves and a neckline that didn’t cut too low. Ben had his concerns, too! “I think it’s important that whatever dress she chooses is modest, too. Because I get kind of jealous, you know? She’s my girl,” said Ben, 19, in an interview (a comment Jessa fawned over).

After trying on several dresses – and looking great in all of them because, let’s be real, Jessa is ridiculously beautiful – she ended up going a little non-traditional after all. As PEOPLE previously revealed, Jessa opted for a blush-colored gown.

Jessa’s Sisters Say No to Several of the Same Dress

Meanwhile, Jessa’s bridesmaids dresses had arrived – shipped from online and at $50 a pop, they weren’t fancy, but they were cute! Her sisters, however, had problems with everything from the gathering on the bodice to the hemline of the dress.

As Jinger, 21, pointed out, it’s difficult to have one dress fit several people. That said, with a family of 19 children, there are more than a couple of seamstresses in the bunch! They’ll be fine.

Jessa seemed to think so, insisting the girls would be welcome to return the dresses if they hated them (but that she’d definitely like if they kept them).

Jill Hears Her Baby’s Heartbeat

A midwife who has delivered around 30 babies herself and who has been studying midwifery for nearly four years, Jill, 23, had to deal with being on the other side of the table. Add to that, she was struggling with morning sickness.

Despite all that, Jill revealed she was excited to become a mom and was looking forward to delivering her baby naturally at home.

Most touching, the soon-to-be parents listened to their baby boy’s heartbeat for the first time. Derick, 25, had never heard a heartbeat in utero before and found the experience to be “extra special.”


• Jason, 14, is pretty much over being Jill and Derick’s chaperone! Though the couple don’t need it anymore, he still feels like he’s in that role. (But, as Jill revealed, he doesn’t mind it too much if there’s food involved.)

• Jessa ended up deciding on an outdoor reception after she realized that having 1,000 people at her parents’ house might be a little too optimistic.

Josh, 26, will design Jessa’s wedding invitations, just as he designed Jill’s.

• The Duggars consume 1,500 pints of ice cream each year, according to one of the show’s Pop-Up Video-style factoids. Does your family have them beat?

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