'19 Kids and Counting' Recap: 19 Things We Learned About Jessa Before Her Wedding

The Duggars shared their memories of Jessa before she's set to fly the nest

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With Jessa Duggar‘s new life with Ben Seewald just two days away, this week’s episode of 19 Kids and Counting was all about Jessa, 22.

In lieu of a traditional bachelor/bachelorette party, the happy couple decided to host a game of flag football; interspersed with that footage were clips of the Duggar family’s fond remembrances of Jessa.

Thanks to the rest of the Duggar clan, here are 19 things we learned about Jessa on this week’s 19 Kids.

1. She Remembers Her Behavior as a Child a Little Differently Than Her Family
Jessa jokingly insisted she was “just the sweetest kid. I mean, you can ask anybody.”

2. She Was a "Handful"
While she was a “handful” as a child, said father Jim Bob, 49, her “strong-willed” character made her “strong-willed to do what’s right.”

3. She Had an "Awesome" Childhood
As Jessa tells it, the amount of children in the Duggar family made her childhood “awesome. There was always somebody to hang out with.”

4. She Is Organized
The word “organized” was repeated approximately 12,000 times with regard to Jessa’s personality in this week’s episode. She’s the one in the family who “likes to get stuff done, and she makes sure everybody’s doing what they’re supposed to be doing.”

5. She Is a Laundry Master
Jessa has done more than 5,000 loads of laundry since the age of 12. By our elementary calculations, that’s approximately nine loads of laundry a week until the time she was ready to fly the coop.

6. Jessa and Josh Are a Lot Alike
According to Josh, 27, he and Jessa are very similar. “She will tell you exactly what she’s thinking whether you want to hear it or not,” adding that “she will stand up to you and she always has an opinion, and she’s always gonna express it.” Good for her!

7. She Doesn’t Like to Clean Around the Toilet in the Boys’ Bathroom
In a house that large, who would? This information was shared by a younger Jessa in old footage.

8. She’s a Great Teacher
Michelle, 48, decided when Josh was 8 months old that she would homeschool her children. Her goal, she said, was to “work [herself] out of a job” by teaching the older kids to teach the younger kids and so on. Jessa took to the job like a fish to water. She was the one to keep an eye on grades and ensure that the kids stayed on task.

9. The Kids Have a Healthy Fear of Her
For the kids in the household, hearing Jessa’s name was like hearing “the name Jesse James. It’s, like, feared in the school world.”

10. She Has No Problem Being Jesse James
When it comes to cracking the whip to keep the younger kids in line, Jessa revealed that she has no problem at all being the bad guy!

11. Whoever Takes Over Jessa’s Role Has a Lot to Live Up To
“Jessa really blossomed with her ability to lead and to teach,” said Michelle. “I really don’t know who would take over Jessa’s role, but whoever will has some big shoes to fill.”

12. She and Jinger Were Born 412 Days Apart
Not a full two years apart in age from BFF Jinger, 21, the sisters have been inseparable since childhood.

13. She and Jinger Complement Each Other
It seems like Jinger will be taking over Jessa’s role once she leaves the Duggar household; where Jessa is organized, Jinger was always able to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. “They’re motivated people who like to get a job done.”

14. She Likes Having a Schedule
In case you haven’t realized by now, Jessa is organized. That’s because she likes having a schedule and knowing where she’s going – without organization and a schedule, she feels aimless – “like, ‘What are my goals?’ ”

15. Jessa Has Packed More Than 500 Suitcases over the Years
Whenever the Duggars go on a trip, it’s Jessa’s job to make sure that everyone’s packed. You know, because she’s organized. The job involves a number of checklists and having to letter the suitcases from A to Z.

16. It’s Rare That Her Organization Fails Her – But It Happens
“I think the biggest packing blunder was probably the time that we got on the road and we could not find socks and underwear for the eight youngest boys,” said Jessa. “I was just like, ‘Oops.’ ”

17. Jessa Has Passed On Her Gift Not Just to BFF Jinger But to Joy-Anna, As Well
It’s no wonder that Jinger has picked up some of Jessa’s skills given that they’ve been inseparable since birth. However, Joy-Anna, 17, has also picked up the baton.

18. "Skydiving Has a Lot of Parallels with Jessa’s Personality"
It only made sense that Jessa went skydiving for her 18th birthday, said Michelle. “It’s all or nothing” with Jessa. “She puts her whole heart into it. If she knows this is the path, this is the way, the best thing to do, the right thing to do – she will just jump.”

19. Jessa’s Cooking Skills Have Vastly Improved
Jessa is well known in the Duggar household for her organization – not her cooking skills. However, her engagement to Ben, 19, made her want to start learning how to cook. As her younger siblings spilled, she’s gotten much better at it.

Oh – and Jim Bob’s team won the game of flag football versus Ben’s team.

19 Kids and Counting airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC. Next week’s episode is all about Jessa and Ben’s big day!

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