Courtship "is a time to get to know each other," Josiah tells PEOPLE

By Alicia C. Dennis
Updated April 13, 2015 06:45 PM
Credit: Scott Enlow/TLC

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Josiah Duggar is the latest member of the Duggar clan to begin the courtship process that, ideally, ends in marriage. With family and togetherness being so important to the stars of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars are involved in the courtship every step of the way.

Marjorie, 17, is the daughter of a Spanish teacher, Analucia, 40, and a graphic designer, Greg, 43. While Josiah, 18, and Marjorie have known each other for years, she really “caught [his] eye” during a missionary trip to El Salvador in December, as he told PEOPLE.

When Josiah’s sister Jill began courting with her husband Derick, she put together a huge list of questions to ask him so they could get to know one another as potential spouses. Jill handed her list over to Josiah so he and Marjorie could use them as well.

“We did get through that packet,” Josiah says. “It was amazing. Every single question you could ever think of was in there.”

Even Marjorie’s parents had fun going through the questions together, they say.

“It was fun to go through the questions and we sat with them and went through a lot of questions with them,” Greg says. Adds Analucia, “They have wanted and welcomed the parental involvement.”

With Josiah and Marjorie’s siblings, one thing they’ll have no shortage of are chaperones to go out with them.

When Josiah’s sister Jessa, 22, began courting her husband Ben Seewald, 19, Ben joked that Jill and Derick were bribing chaperones with Skittles. Josiah says he’ll “have to think about how to bribe the chaperones” himself.

“The whole courtship thing has been focused in on in my family,” Josiah says. “It is a time to get to know each other. Courtship is kind of an older word – it has been used for many years – but it is about really getting to know this person. It is a fun thing, is is always a good time if you are doing different activities together and getting to know the person as they really are.”

How will Marjorie handle the level of fame that her new beau receives being part of the 19 Kids and Counting phenomenon?

“I really appreciate the Duggar family,” she says. “I respect them and admire them. I will just take this one step at a time.”

Fans of TLC’s hit show 19 Kids and Counting can see a special message from Josiah and Marjorie on this week’s episode, airing Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET, and the birth of Josiah’s nephew Israel David Dillard will air on TLC on May 5 in advance of Mother’s Day.

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