Painting flamingos proved a challenging endeavor for several male members of the Arkansas family

Credit: Beth Caldwell/Discovery

Party planning Duggar-style can sometimes get a little messy.

But when the festivities are celebrating the arrival of another member of the extended Duggar clan, it’ll take more than a little dripping paint to spoil the fun.

On Tuesday’s episode of TLC’s hit reality show 19 Kids and Counting – titled “Anna’s Having a …” – patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, 49, oversees decorations for Josh and Anna‘s upcoming gender reveal party for their fourth child. (Spoiler alert: The family already told PEOPLE it’s a girl!)

The group was tasked with dyeing a bunch of pink flamingos blue, and figuring out the best way to paint those awkwardly shaped birds proved a difficult endeavor for the younger male members of the family.

Jackson, 10, got the inspired idea to dip the flamingos in the paint, which proved efficient but yucky.

“Dipping the flamingos is a lot faster, but it sure is a lot messier,” Jim Bob tells the camera.

Anna and Josh’s second child, son Michael, 3, had the toughest time handling the paint – much to the horror of family friend Sierra, who walked in to check on their progress.

“When I first witnessed them dunking the flamingos, my first thought was ‘That’s going to be messy,’ because I’m a mom,” said Sierra, who was overseeing party plans while Anna and Josh were in California. “My second thought was, ‘That’s actually quite efficient.’ Then my third thought was ‘Somebody grab Michael. There is paint all over that child!”

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