'19 Kids and Counting' : Inside the Duggar Family Christmas (VIDEO)

Merry Christmas from the Duggar family – find out how they celebrate


The stars of TLC’s hit show 19 Kids and Counting celebrate Christmas just like many others – but with an actual buffet line and a restaurant-grade dishwashing system to take care of the post-Christmas cleanup.

In a PEOPLE exclusive, Josh Duggar, 26, takes you on a journey through the cheerful madness that is the Duggar home during the Christmas season.

As Michelle and Jim Bob‘s eldest explains, Christmas for the Duggar family is all about sharing with others the blessings and good fortune they’ve received over the year.

With Jana, 24, in the mailroom sending cards out to all over the world and with Jinger, 21, and Joy-Anna, 17, on gift basket basket duty, every Duggar has their role to play in making sure the madcap process runs smoothly. Even Jeremiah, 15, – despite being caught sneaking cookies – is seen helping out in the kitchen while Jedadidah, 15, and Jason, 14, wash dishes.

What you won’t see in the video is the kind of enormous Christmas tree you might expect in a household that bore 19 children. “We celebrate Jesus’s birthday,” explains matriarch Michelle, 48, adding: “We really try to focus on the real meaning of Christmas.”

With “Happy Birthday Jesus” banners and readings of the Scripture, the Duggars are all about making “precious memories” together as a family, and it’s something they look forward to all December.

Check out the video for the full tour and to watch the Duggar family engage in a rousing rendition of “Joy to the World” – and for a update on Jill Dillard‘s ever-growing baby bump.

19 Kids and Counting wrapped its ninth season on TLC.

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